LG Ally: Release Date on Verizon delayed?

By Gary Johnson - May 22, 2010

The LG Ally on Verizon that was due to launch with Big Red a couple of days ago for some reason didn’t. The Android powered handsets are still only showing on Verizon site as pre-orders.

Customers who have already made a pre-order have been receiving emails from Verizon explaining that they will be “the first to receive the phone upon initial availability on or after May 27th.” This seems to mean that Verizon are keeping their options open just in case there has been some sort of software or hardware glitch.

The handsets were due to start selling on the 20th May, but now pre-orders have been extended through to the 26th and sales starting on the 27th. This is a puzzling situation and with no official word speculation of supply problems or other issues could arise.

Have you got one on pre-order? Lets us know your views.

Source Engadget.com

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  • I have one on pre-order, and haven't heard squat from VZW. I've emailed them, and will be calling tonight after work to find out what's going on.

    The last time I pre-ordered, they delayed shipment three weeks and didn't tell me, and the time before that, I had to call and re-order; didn't get it for something like 6 weeks after I was "supposed" to have it.

  • Hil

    I just ordered a couple yesterday. I hope with this delay they will surprise us and load Android 2.2 on it.