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HTC EVO 4G: Release of ROM at your own risk

With the highly anticipated release of the HTC EVO 4G getting ever closer, people who cannot wait any longer can sort of get the next best thing. A final shipping version of the EVO 4G ROM has been released into the wild.

The file can be downloaded but at your own risk, and used in whatever way you like. The file has been made available courtesy of Conflipper. The sought-after EVO 4G has been getting rave pre-launch reviews, with some claiming it to be the best Smartphone ever. We have even seen what packaging the handset will ship in.

The HTC EVO 4G looks like it could be a huge success when it launches on the 4th June, and users can even get some great games on launch day for the new device. Are you going to download the file? Let us know how you get on with it.

Source Engadget.



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