Gabriella Nagy Sues Cell Phone Company: Privacy Laws Examined

Following on from our previous article, which informed you about Gabriella Nagy and her decision to sue the cell phone company Rogers Wireless, we have more details for you now, on the privacy laws regarding cell phone companies.

Firstly, if you haven’t seen the original article, you can do so here. We have retrieved a few related articles for you to read now, both of which will give you a better idea on privacy laws for cell phone companies.

The first uses vital cellphone data as a witness in a courtroom murder case, while the second explains how the FBI are pushing for tracking technology to be included in all cell phones.

There is a very thin line here when debating what personal data cell phone companies should have access to or not. In the Gabriella Nagy case, there is an argument that Rogers Wireless should have sent the mailing bills to her instead of her husband, but then again – I don’t think Rogers should be held accountable in this situation.

Let us know your opinions on this. Make sure you take a read of the supporting links for further information. Tell us, How private do you think your cell phone calls are?


  • jeremy

    figures she gets busted cheating then wants to profit from it. i hope this case gets thrown out before it even gets to court what a waste of time. two bit tramp got caught hope she likes all the attention shes sure to get now

  • bobby_the_v

    AND—as a follow up to my previous comment–apparently–the husband was very suspicious and looking for some evidence–I applaud the wireless company for unwittingly exposing her

  • Wes

    The problem is that she was cheating (and hiding her promiscuous activity), not that the phone bill went to the wrong person.

  • Bobby_the_v

    If she was that intent on enjoying her affair(s)–she should have purchased her own personal cell phone to do it–otherwise–she should get slammed good–

  • andrew learmonth

    Typical reaction from a slut! She gets caught having an affair and it's everybody's fault except hers. I'm glad her husband gave her the boot…

  • kenw

    What I didn't see (and possibly overlooked) was the mention of what mailing address the woman gave the cell phone company. Regardless, she is responsible for her own behavior, not the cell phone company.

  • David Hoffman

    If a person fired a bullet into the air and it did not strike anything, then the person would not be liable for any damages. However, if the same bullet strick a person in the head or struck a vehicle, then the peson firing the bullet would certainly be responsible for the damage. So shoud the wireless company that sent the bill to the wrong address. If the husband had not read the phone numbers and there was no damage then no liability. However, as the husband did read the numbers and there is damage to the relationship, then the wireless company shoud be responsible. The wireless company shoud make sure they are not sending pesonal privite information to the wrong addresses.

    On the same lines, what if the wireless company send credit card information (numbers and other pesonal information) to other subscribes and the subscribes used that information to obtain unauothorized credit (credit card fraud)? Would not the wireless company be responsible. Damage is damage.

  • vlm

    No, the phone company should not be held responsible for her indescretions. Her husband would have left her no matter how he found out about the affair. The question is would he have stayed with her if he found out via another medium/way: the other person, best friend, homing pigeons. letters etc.? If he would have stayed with her if informed any other avenue than the company would (not should) be held at fault. If no matter how he found out he would have left, then the company bears no responsibility. Face it Ms Nagy, you play, you pay. You should not have outsourced your loving.


    It wasn't the cell provider that scewed up her marriage- it was her. Suck it up and take your lumps. If you were not unfaithful in the first place you would not be in the position you are in now you CHEATER!

  • Jarrod

    This woman is about as low as they come. Anyone ever hear of morals? Accountability, send this woman to iraq where they'll put her on a firing squad for being unfaithful. Great way to reward bad behavior, make it possible to collect $600k

  • J. Phillips

    "should of"? I stopped reading.

  • Guest

    This isn't about the privacy of the calls, it's about the incorrect address or name on the mailing. The calls were not for public record and were never put out there for public viewing. This case comes down to who's name is on the account and the mailing address provided by the plaintiff. Fun to watch a lawyer spin this in his clients favor. The wireless company in my opinion should assume no blame beyond the mailing of the bill. She made a huge mistake and wants to blame everyone but herself for the mistake.

  • cdb

    As to where the bill was sent. Well if he is paying the bill it had to be sent to him. If he is paying the bill then he is allowed to see all the phone calls. Simple case, if he was paying the bill. She, as they say hasn't a leg to stand on

  • charles

    you idiots have been told over and over, people can monitor your calls all over the world,
    I think the cell phone company should sue her for putting shit on the phone.
    Next she will sue for the wrong color toilet paper on her a$$…..

  • Lolo

    I understand…but she's suing because she got caught for doing something wrong. This is one of the funniest things I've heard.

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  • jerome

    If the phone was bought by and being paid for by the husband the bill should have been sent to him. She should take responsibility for her own aldultrous actions and not be allowed to profit from her cheating.

  • BWC

    Not only do I wish the cheating skank loses the case and has to pay all court costs and attorney fees I also hope that her husband kicks her to the curb and gets full custody of any children that might be involved.


Cell Phone Affair: Gabriella Nagy and Rogers Debate

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