Cell Phone Affair: Gabriella Nagy and Rogers Debate

We have an interesting article to show you now, in which one woman is suing Canadian provider Rogers for ‘exposing’ her affair to her husband. We want your views on who is right and who is wrong in this instance.

As reported from Huffington Post, Gabriella Nagy has been named as the woman who is taking Rogers to court, seeking $600,000 for “invasion of privacy and breach of contract – or destroying her marriage as she puts it.

It all happened when her husband found out via monthly bills from Rogers that one number in particular was called the most, prompting her husband to do some detective work and eventually find out that Nagy was participating in some out-of-home activities.

According to Nagy, her name should of been on the monthly bill letters from Rogers based on the contract terms, but the letters actually arrvied to her husband, which led to him finding out.

Here is what Nagy had to say on the matter in a recent statement released: “I want others to know what a big corporation has done. I trusted Rogers with my personal information. We had a contract — and agreement that put my life right in their hands.”

Meanwhile, Rogers has hit back saying that Nagy alone was responsible for what happened in her private life, and not them.

What are your thoughts for this? How can this woman blame Rogers for her act of infidelity?



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