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Android 2.2 OTA Download Goes Live: Nexus One Starts Getting Froyo

Owners of Google’s Nexus One are about to start getting an over-the-air download of Android 2.2. The update also known as Froyo is going to be slowly rolled out to users by Google, but it is possibly going to be some time before every user gets the update.

Taimur Asad is reporting on Redmond that users will have to keep checking their notification tray for a “System Alert” for Android 2.2. This alert could happen at any time, and comes as great news for Nexus One owners.

HTC and Google have already said most Android phones that are released this year will get the update, but no time limited has been quoted. It seems now that Google’s own device will be the first to get Froyo. The update will seriously speed up the device as we have reported before.

Have you received the update yet? Let us know if you are already enjoying the update.


  • C. Thomas


    I have received a notification about the update in the phone and it started to download the update.

    Its been more than an hour and still it shows a android robot and a exclamation mark.

    How much time it takes to finish the update process?


    C Thomas

  • Steve

    Why does it take so much time, Google has huge data centeres and plenty of bandwith, what is the problem pushing ther update out to everyone NOW ?

  • Burtus

    If Rahul has it .. It’ll be the beta version from some dubious torrent site ….

    Not the real deal… Me, I’d rather wait ! ….

  • flawdaboi82

    i'm in Miami and have not received it yet

  • guest

    Don't ya just love rumors?

    No update in sight!

  • Matthew

    Where are you? im in Denver, CO. Havent received it yet..
    however i was recently rooted but put the stock rom back on, does that change any on the OTA?

  • Rahul

    i received the update…froyo rocks:):)


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