Miley Cyrus Jewelry: Wal-Mart Knew

Wal-Mart seems to be digging an even bigger hole for themselves with the Miley Cyrus jewelry recall that we reported on yesterday. Lauren Metz from is reporting that Wal-Mart already knew about problems with the line.

To recap nationwide tests were taken for the Associated Press of several pieces from the Miley Cyrus jewelry line, and harmful levels of cadmium were found. This may cause kidney failure and bone softening. This would only happen if the jewelry was swallowed or sucked, not by just wearing.

Today we find out that Wal-Mart have been aware of the danger since February, but have waited until now to pull the products from the shelves. A statement from Wal-Mart stated the line was “designed for and marketed to older audiences” and was “not intended for children.”

They have also said the line will be no longer available “while we investigate its compliance with our children’s jewelry standard.” What do you think should Wal-Mart have continued to sell the jewelry knowing the risks?


  • cannary

    your are idiot get it.

    • selena

      amy we should talk to each other sometime see you.

  • amy

    i dunno really because they should have known kids would buy it and suck it. but then again if they say its not ment for kids they should have made it very clear that it wasnt for children. which they didnt. so yeah its all wrong.

  • jessica

    if i lived in the usa i would buy all the miley and max brand but i live in uk and im 14 i dont think its fair tht the comment above said its for 6-12 year old girls mileys for the teenagers hannahs for the little ones :/

  • Ashley's mom

    I heard about this story yesterday. Unfortunately I had purchased a Miley Cyrus necklace for my daughters 8th birthday on the 15th of May. When I went to Walmart however to ask questions reguarding this recall and health questions about cadmium poisoning, the employee looked at me like I was out of my mind. I was told no such recall was going on. When I pointed out that the Miley Cyrus Jewelery shelf was now empty i was told that the reason it was empty was because the necklaces were not selling quick enough, and they sent their stock to Conway. My daughter does not suck on her necklaces anymore and wore it for a total of 30 minutes, + the necklace was only $4. The thing that bothers me is that I know Walmart is lying to me at the moment. Plus as big as a chain that they are, they should realize that it is the 6-12 yr old girls that are buying the Miley Cyrus line. Not so much the teenagers. I will no longer shop at Walmart ever again because of this (the lie and obvious coverup) I will cost them alot more than $4 when its over.


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