Google TV: Will it be better than Apple TV?

As expected, Google formally announced their brand new Google TV service, a new set-top box solution similar to Apple TV – allowing you to bring the Google web and Android experience straight to your TV.

While we initially learned about some of the Google TV features a few months ago such as social networking support, today we were given a heads-up on some of the other exciting features to come with Google TV.

One of these is the Google TV Search Bar. Using this feature, you’ll be able to conduct a Google search on your TV, and it will display all TV channels and Stored Video Content in relation to your search.

Google TV will also come with a Full web browser, and presumably – support for Adobe Flash 10.1. The official ‘introducing’ video below gives you a better idea about Google TV below.

Watch it and then let us know your initial impressions. Do you think Google TV offers a better experience than Apple TV?



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