Google Pacman: Play Game For 30th anniversary

By Gary Johnson - May 21, 2010

Google are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade game Pac-Man by replacing the usual logo with a playable version of the 1980s game. For those people who have never played the game you move a yellow Pac-Man around a maze eating up dots and avoiding the ghosts.

You can still perform a Google search on the home page, but if you decide to play the game just click on the “Insert coin” icon. To play a two-player game just click twice, and have one player taking control of Miss Pac-Man by using the S, D, W and A letters on the keyboard.

Claudine Beaumont from reports that Google said they decided to mark the anniversary with their first ever interactive illustration because the game marked “a significant moment in popular culture”, and said that Google users had 48 hours to “re-live the nostalgia” by playing the game.

Have you played Pac-Man on Google? For more on this story use the link above.

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