Android 2.2 Froyo: No Update to HTC Hero, Legend and Droid Eris phones?

By Alan Ng - May 21, 2010

Following on from our previous article, which informed you about HTC’s plans to update their smartphones to the latest version of Android OS (2.2 Froyo), it seems that HTC deliberately left a few handset names off their initial upgrade list.

HTC issued a fresh statement, in which they detailed a few handsets that will be receiving the update to Android 2.2 first. These included the HTC Incredible, MyTouch 3G, HTC Desire and the HTC EVO 4G smartphone.

Does this mean that handsets such as the HTC Hero, Legend and Droid Eris will not be getting the update to 2.2 Froyo? We can understand the Hero and Droid Eris not being included on the list, since they were released a while ago now, but what about the HTC Legend?

The Legend was available after the HTC Desire, so it seems slightly odd that the statement from HTC didn’t include the handset on the list. Maybe it was just a bad choice of wording. Hopefully HTC will clear this up for us soon – we’ll update you when we can.

Give us your thoughts on the Android 2.2 rollout.


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  • Chris

    I have the “leaked” version of FROYO on my HTC Droid Eris and Im having all sorts of problems with it. If your phone company isnt going to update your phone to FROYO 2.2 then dont do it yourself. You will regret it. At first it seemed like everything is great but a couple months down the road I started having major problems with it. Save yourself the hassel and dont upgrade

  • Johan Bryntesson

    True, we Hero owners have already bought the phone… but the way we are treated gives a hint to prospective buyers how THEY will be treated in a near future, when their phones get "old". So doing your best for the "old gang" may well prove to be a good marketing strategy.


    HTC will be loosing customers as well as Google! Do they not care about customer care and service??? Will probably be switching to Motorola ph because of the the let down in lack of updates with HTC. OH WELL???

  • chloe…. grrrr

    I have a HTC Hero which im using right now… when i heard about 2.2 i thought it soinded good… im really annoyed with HTC for not including tbe Hero.. its not fair

  • adatelur

    Common HTC, surely you don't want to loose your faithful customers just by ignoring a simple upgrade to some, if not all, of the models prior to the Desire? I heard from reliable sources the excuse HTC gave was insufficient processing power on the Legend because the 2.2 requires at least 1Ghz to run the OS.
    Wake up HTC! Do something good and have pity on us Legend owners.

    • Silstarnz

      Interesting stuff really, I sent HTC and email and requested that they supply some info on a possable release date, they email me back and advised that since the phone which I brought in NZ was supplied from HTC France that I would have to email them. about any enquiries.
      It would be nice to be able to save stuff on the 16GB memory car I have resently purchased.

  • NIg

    Only had my Hero 5 months and its out of date? I have another year and 7 months before i can renew the handset but if I dont see a change in strategy, it wont be and HTC. Shame really because I think the hardware is good.

    Further I'm trying to convince the company to go HTC and andriod and HTC have shot themselves in the foot with this one. There is no way IT will go for such a product.

  • Stian

    I got rid of my HTC Legend (wich I was really starting to like) and got the iPhone 4 instead. This was not only because of lack of updates, but also because the andriod market only sells free apps in my country.

    • Geir

      I am going down the same road.
      I liked HTC Legend from day one. But the buggy HTC Sense UI was slowly killing my patience, and obviously also the HTC ability to migrate to Froyo.
      Move to iPhone 4

  • miller

    Im stunned to hear that they might not release 2.2 for most of the new phones… I recently bought a legend and was expecting it to be interesting even a year from now… but I lost all my interest just by reading a damn article. How a company like HTC can, or even dare, to make such idiotic decisions is really strange to see… they should be making their customers feel like they’ve made a good choise…. but its mostly the opposite from what I’ve read on the internet. let’s not jump to any conclusions but I really hope for HTC’s sake that they get the importance of this and makes the right things.

  • sean

    Really HTC? I bought my eris within a week of its release and you already cut us off 6months later to make room for the incredible?? really?!? I am truly dissapointed! My first android device, mt first HTC device and this is my customer service? Waiting on pins and needles to find out if we will recieve 2.1, not getting 1ghz processors to begin with, no live wallpaper, not getting 2.2, being cut off completly by verizon! i cant even get help with this phone anymore! At least do what motorla is doing, they are coming out with a Droid 2 (not the X) you could at the very least, come up with a freshened design, add a 1ghz snapdragon processor or even a hummingbird, and build it on 2.2. That is all i ask of you really. im tired of all the troubles that i have with my eris…i really liked this fone too

  • Why not the eris? The moto droid can run Froyo and the two phones were released together as verizon's first droid wave.

  • Dude

    My wife and I bought HTC Eris phones in January 2010. Android 1.5 ran nicely on the hardware but lacked some features. After the Android 2.0 upgrade, the phone has the missing features but responsiveness decreased. Android 2.2 touts some crazy 400% performance increase that Eris users could use but may never see. Nice. We might be stuck on 2.0 for the next two years, according to the terms of our contract.

  • Andrew

    Beat, I'm going to downgrade to a dumb phone.I have had my Eris for 6 months and have just been repeatedly angered by HTC . At least I can dial with my blue-tooth headset with a dumb phone. Smart phone my ass. I am an avid Linux user, but wholeheartedly disappointed with Android and HTC. And Verizon for that matter. Maybe I'll go back to Blackberry, the new OS 6 looks sweet. And they always update.

  • h4rdw0rk

    Before jumping to this article, I was gathering information on HTC handheld. I was looking to buy Hero or Legend and googling for more information. Upon stumbled to this article, I reconsidered on buying HTC.
    Previously, I was attracted to HTC Sense UI, now…..I don't know, maybe I'll just have to find another droid phone. So shame that legend and hero won't get froyo update

  • Kev

    I've emailed and asked the HTC department. Here what they said:

    "Hello Kevin, Thank you for taking the time to contact HTC America Technical Support via E-Mail with your inquiry on an update for the Legend. Before releasing a ROM update we have to be sure that the software is going to work properly on your hardware and on your carrier’s network. This testing does take some time but will result in an update that is optimized to work on your device and on your carrier’s network. While we want to release software as soon as we can we will only do so once the software has passed our quality standards. At this time we do not have any information about an update for your device. When the update is released it will be announced on Also, Please keep in mind that it is the service provider that decides when and if a device they carry from HTC will receive an update."

  • Levi

    I just got the Evo. I sincerely hope I get more than a years worth of support for this thing. I love HTC for showing the world that Apple isn’t the end-all phone, but I hate them for LACK of reasonable support. The Hero update to 2.1 took forever. The Touch Pro 2 update took nearly a year to get winmo (eek) 6.5. I’m seeing a constant pattern of lazy support. HTC will lose their loyal customers if they don’t start stepping up and taking care of those who keep them in business.

  • ken

    pfft, you can put an android OS on an Ipad, you can do anything, Im just waiting for someone to put a youtube video out on how to put 2.2 on the hero

  • jenkies

    I just got my Eris 6 months ago and love it. It would be pretty sorry if we cant get froyo too. I agree with Richard, because of me 3 to 5 people now have droids of some sort, most HTC. We sold their product and no update would be a sad way to show gratitude.

  • Tom

    I've had my Eris only 6 moths. I am on a 2 year contract . I will be very disapointed if it doesn't recieve updates until around the time my contract is up. I certanly not going to buy and other driod, if the life cycle is 6 months. At the very lest, I need and upate to fix my bluetooth issues.

  • Joe

    Well if you look at phones these days as computers like they are anything is possible, and heck most computers dont provide their own "updates" Macs charge for every new update to the OS X line up, and android is technically free. HTC has nothing to do with it, plus cell phones in the past never really got upgrades, your old razors, maybe 1 or 2 here and their, but begging for upgrades for your old nokia 4500 with snake running as the hottest game of the time, not going to happen, we're lucky to experience updates like we have.

    • Tom


      I would argue, the droid is a computer, not a phone. The droid devices run Linux. Look how long Windows has been geting updates. Besides, it's not like everyone can lay out $600 for a new one every six months. I am already in $30 a month for data for 2 years.


  • Zandaric

    I have only had my Sprint Hero for 5 months. I have 2 years to see what HTC is going to do. If my phone is considered legacy after 5 months and is no longer supported then HTC will not find me buying any product of theirs again.

  • Krasen

    Technically Legend is not the same as Hero. Legend has about 100mb more RAM and its CPU is faster – not only because of the additional 72Mhz, yes it's the same 72xx family, but it's a different generation and is more powerfull than Hero's CPU. Anyway I believe that HTC will update Legend to 2.2, but Hero is a legacy handset and will remain at 2.1.

    • Fred

      Still waiting for that 2.1 upgrade which has been postponed for the umpteenth time. It's beginning to feel like the HTC Hero will remain at 1.5 forever…

  • HeroUser

    But technically Legend is the same as Hero… so, if can get 2.2 for Legend it will be no problem to get one for Hero.

  • charlie du

    HTC is probably trying to optimize it for lower performing handsets such as the hero. I can see why the 2.1 is taking so long to arrive In the uk. I flashed It to a leaked version of 2.1 soooooooooo laggy. 2.2 therefore needs to also be optimized

  • Aghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This has wound me right up. I had both the Desire and Legend in my hand at the Vodafone shop 2 months ago. I went for the Legend cos I much preferred the form factor and thought the compromise of size (and style) over that extra power was worth it. Now look, I'm gonna be stuck with outdated software within the next 4 weeks. Not to mention they would only sell me it on a 2 year contract. This sucks ass if it's true 🙁

  • Manton08

    This isn't fair! I just got my Droid Eris in hopes that it would eventually be upgradable to every new Android OS that would be released! I just got 2.1 and was hoping for 2.2 eventually but now hearing that I wont get it I feel cheated! You mean to tell me I'm stuck with Android 2.1 until my "NEW" contract runs up or I some how magically get $600 to buy the Droid Incredible! This b*llsh*t! I will forever hate HTC for this! They screwed me over!

    • Sarah

      OMG! I literally was sold on the ERIS mid May told I would be getting the update. I got the 2.1 update, but didn't know that I wouldn't be getting 2.2… This is totally unfair! I just signed my contract! If I had known this, I wouldn't have gotten the HTC Eris… I would have gotten the Motorola or I would have waited and got the Incredible.

  • Camphorball

    If HTC decide not to update the HTC Hero to 2.2 then I'll be converting to iPhone on a permanent basis and doing my level best to encourage my friends to buy any other brand than HTC. I have a simple rule in life: any manufacturer that fails or drops support for an item while I still want to use it will never, ever get my custom for anything else they sell – *ever*
    A few more adopting this simple concept may just remind those guys in marketing that future orders are built on a succesful past.

    • iPhone

      Beware that Apple drops support/updates for iPhone while people are still using them.

  • FIL

    It sucks really, as I'm very happy with my HTC Magic on Vodafone in Australia, but as it's only 6 months old and still running outdated software, the whole experience is a little disappointing… Personally, I think the users should be blaming the networks, and the networks should in turn put pressure on HTC, who, if it's not their fault, should put the pressure on Google… someone along the way has dropped the ball big time…

  • Anthony

    Really? My droid eris is only a couple months old and they possibly might not update it!!!! That's sooo stupid! It may be a couple months old but it's not like it's a year old! Step it up HTC!

    • Paul

      I agree. I love how the article says "it's been out for awhile". I got my Eris within about 1-2 weeks of its release at my local Verizon store. And that was last Fall (Sept or Oct.) So basically HTC is saying 9mo equals obsolete hardware that they can't upgrade for the new OS? C'mon HTC! I understand that you may push to release it for the newest devices first but don't leave us customers whose products are less than 1yr old, in the dark with regards to your OS updates.

  • I really fail to see the business case for this refusal to upgrade the Hero:

    1) it can't be man-power; lone fans have put up partially-functional ROMs of 1.6, 2.1 and now 2.2 within days of release on other phones and these people don't even have proper access to the OS yet.

    2) It damages consumer confidence. I have an old iPod Touch, but I know that I'll be able to upgrade its OS like everyone else (albeit for a fee) when the next one is released. Not so for my Hero. In a future upgrade, I'll still want Android. But will I want HTC? What guarantee do I have that they'll upgrade it? They haven't allowed me to update my OS since a few months after I bought it, despite promises.

    Realistically, HTC might want to rethink its behaviour to early-adopters. They took the plunge, and recommended the phone to others. But they'll also be the first to leave, and the first to show their non-HTC Android phones to their friends. And what will it achieve? No-one who knows about the OS differences would surely choose the Hero now, with the Incredible on the way, and no-one already with the Hero will buy another HTC due to OS frustration.

    We'll just root it and re-think buying HTC when the contract ends.

    • Well, I have the Hero. Rooted it to improve and also so I could get 2.1 before the official release. Love it. The Hero is my third Android phone. I had the G1, then the myTouch. In fact, all of my former phones are still in use and coincidentally have all been made by HTC.

      There is always someone willing to take my old phone off my hands. I sold my G1 to a coworker who is still using it. My dad is using my boyfriend's old G1. My boyfriend got a Hero when I did. I gave the myTouch to my son. Someone just liked it enough to steal it, so I'm about to buy him a Nexus One.

      So far, all of my Androids have been HTC. Maybe it's been more bearable for me because I root my phones and the devs on the XDA forum (only for HTC devices) are amazing.

      I don't post this comment to be argumentative or rude, only to say this: I was an early adopter of Android. I pay the price because the technology has advanced so fast that my hardware couldn't keep up with the software. I think that's fair. I'm just grateful that I got the 2.1 upgrade. I could go another six months with the Hero if I had to.

      On June 11, I'll be buying the EVO, and I won't be the slightest bit remorseful. It is the first hardware upgrade that I consider significant. Here's hoping it stays fresh for a year.
      I already have someone lined up to buy my Hero and my boyfriend's Hero even though it only has 2.1 and may not get 2.2.

  • grrrr

    I'm really disappointed if it's true that htc won't give us legend users that android 2.2 update. Seems like this is going to be my last htc and i think it's time to change to motorola droid.

    • jake

      Well not like the moto droid is getting it anytime soon but I dont believe thats cause of motorola but instead verizon delaying it to pinch off certain features of the OS (tethering) for now if you wish to have it do like it seems everyone will have to do for awhile and root it. The Incredible is getting the update now but what about when 2.3 comes out they may have a 10month or more delay for it and the ppl who got that phone cause it was getting 2.2 so early on are going to be upset. The easiest solution is root it. This comes from my fully functional 2.2 moto droid via root 🙂

  • HTC FC

    Why not HTC HERO is included as well? What is the reasons? We should as well be treated fairly by HTC since when we first bought HTC Hero we believed that HTC will provide their best services to all their customers. If this is how they do so I will no longer believe with HTC anymore.

  • David

    I'm sick to death of HTC and there lack of support for its popular HTC Hero device… I can safely say I will not be purchasing another HTC or Android device. In my opinion this is Google's doing, they need to have some rules in place for its mobile OS making the updates available to all its devices. Sick of it, and for those saying the HTC Hero wouldn't be able to run Froyo… its a fastest and optimized Android OS released. Making it better for its slower devices! Also I think the treatment the Hero has getting will be exactly what other new devices can expect in the future… HTC seriously need to appreciate there customers more… shocking!

  • Mike

    It HTC decides to leave out HTC Legend from the Android 2.2 upgrade list, it will impact the sales of HTC Legend big time! People will STOP buying HTC Legend and go for Motorola Droid or even Nexus One or Sony Ericsson X10.

  • Henrik

    Anyone knows if you can put on Andorid 2.2 on HTC Hero (and other HTC phones) anyway, if you don't care about the Sense UI?

    I could live with out the fancy Sense UI as long as I got the newest Android on my phone

    • Tim

      Then you shouldn't have gotten a phone with Sense UI. You'll just have to wait longer.

  • RU4EZ2

    I think HTC needs to think of there phones in all carriers that sold and made them famous,like the Hero, and Eris.But the newest phone like the Incredible,and the New Evo , Touch and Desire will get it.I myself would like Flash and the other upgrades also ,and some of my friends that bought them cause I should them what a Great Phone the Hero was ,want it also! So ,please use your heads we are not the only ones that want 2.2 Froyo!!!!!

  • Dave Lim

    Why not LEGEND? I am frustrated right after I bought my HTC Legend, and Desire was announced and available in market… some features was not included like "live wallpaper".

    HTC should responsible to Legend users too, I'm wondering if HTC would offer trade-in of Legend, upgrade to HTC Desire.

    • Afetr doing a recent review on the legend on I understand HTC’s choice not to update the legend the software is slow as it is and after 2.1 they had to leave out live wallpapers in 2.2 they would hav to leave out nearly everything thing that the user would notice. This in HTC’s terms would be a waste of time and as for trade in of Legends that just plain stupid, why would htc want to loose money by excepting 2nd hand legendds which they would not even be able to sell in part exchange for there best european phone. Yeh thats business sense.

      • Destroyer

        But, 2.2 got a better JIT compiler things runs 3-5 times faster than on 2.1.

      • ganjamensch

        I don't know if we are not talking about the same Legend, but mine is not slow at all, on the contrary, it's quite fast. And also, 2.2 has the new JIT compiler, which should speed up the phone by quite a considerable amount, so I can see only benefits in upgrading the OS to 2.2.

        As for the live wallpapers, there is a custom ROM for Legend that supports live wallpapers (even with Sense) and they work quite well.

        Also, what other features have HTC left out from the Legend? AFAIK, none.

      • Branislav

        Android 2.2 is 2-5 times faster then 2.1 wich means that legend will be faster and smoother maybe live wallpapers bean included. I ve have sean htc droid eris and tattoo runs live wallpapers (hacked) not smooth like desire but not too bad. I think that Htc whant to separate desire and legend and thats why thers no upgrade for legend.

      • Michael Bull

        Are you stupid?
        Android 2.2 will only speed up the HTC legend.
        The new compiler will increase the speed by up to 5x.
        Also i have a custom rom on my legend with live wallpapers, and it can handle most of them fine..

      • Armando Velazquez

        Waiting for iPhone 4g, HTC, goodbye, and good luck, you are gonna need it.

    • beatbox

      Same here, feel dissapointed…

  • mrnatas19

    my guess is that they announce phones that will get it because they are the phones that they have yet to do the most selling with, and have the potential to make the most money with. people with hero's and eris's aren't that important to htc anymore, because we've bought the phone already