YouTube Banned In Pakistan; Follows Facebook Ban

By Jamie Pert - May 20, 2010

Following on from our posts about Pakistan banning Facebook yesterday, Pakistan’s telecommunications regulator, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have also directed ISP’s to block YouTube after material on the video streaming website was branded “sacrilegious”.

In a statement that was released on Thursday following the Facebook ban just a day prior, the government said that it had to block YouTube and Facebook after attempts to get certain content removed that they considered derogatory failed. A similar block happened in 2008.

It is not known what specific content was found by the Pakistani government. The PTA also did not go in to detail about the reasoning for the ban, but did say that they were acting on the orders of the high court and the government.

Facebook nor YouTube were available for comment, but the page which started the contest said that it’s aim was not to slander Muslims. Their objective was to show extremists, who threaten to harm others due to their depictions of Prophet Mohammed, that they are not afraid.

More than 450 links on the Internet have apparently been blocked by the PTA, including that of some Wikipedia links. The PTA also have said that Facebook and YouTube authorities are free to contact their agency to resolve the issue.

What are your views on these issues?

Source: PC World

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