YouTube Banned In Pakistan; Follows Facebook Ban

Following on from our posts about Pakistan banning Facebook yesterday, Pakistan’s telecommunications regulator, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have also directed ISP’s to block YouTube after material on the video streaming website was branded “sacrilegious”.

In a statement that was released on Thursday following the Facebook ban just a day prior, the government said that it had to block YouTube and Facebook after attempts to get certain content removed that they considered derogatory failed. A similar block happened in 2008.

It is not known what specific content was found by the Pakistani government. The PTA also did not go in to detail about the reasoning for the ban, but did say that they were acting on the orders of the high court and the government.

Facebook nor YouTube were available for comment, but the page which started the contest said that it’s aim was not to slander Muslims. Their objective was to show extremists, who threaten to harm others due to their depictions of Prophet Mohammed, that they are not afraid.

More than 450 links on the Internet have apparently been blocked by the PTA, including that of some Wikipedia links. The PTA also have said that Facebook and YouTube authorities are free to contact their agency to resolve the issue.

What are your views on these issues?

Source: PC World


  • Hamza

    Facebook should remain banned for ever.there are other social sites through which we can remain connected.There is no need of facebook.

  • Iulian

    delete facebook and yotube in the name of allah lol



  • logic

    just let the muslims bomb each other while they worship in their "sacred" mosques. happens everyday, and all I do is sit back in my air conditioned room and laugh.

  • They need to shutdowmn this trashy sites too and they will be perfect. YouTube ban bad moveFacebook good move.

  • Lost all respect for that country.

  • ehh

    Pakistan sucks. There loss. This is exactly why the rest of the world thinks you guys are extremists. Good job on your image, Pakistan.

  • WTF? Americans are terrorists? Muslims are terrorists? You hate Jews, blacks, Christians, Muslims, bald people …
    Ask a Muslim: Who is a terrorist?
    Their answer: Americans – they kill our innocent people! They kill several innocent people to nab 2-3 actual terrorists!
    Ask an American / Allied Forces: Who is a terrorist?
    Their answer: Muslims are terrorists! They kill all who do not follow their faith!!

    FACTS: Muslim EXTREMISTS that would KILL millions (yes MILLIONS – that's how many died in the WTC ordeal – and that was just ONE ordeal) ARE terrorists.
    Are ALL Muslims terrorist? Nope.

    Are ALL Muslim EXTREMISTS pure black and white … meaning, you're either WITH us or AGAINST us? YES they ARE.
    How many Christians, Buddhists, Hindu, Jews go around KILLING people for NO REASON other than the fact that they don't follow their beliefs? Um, ZERO!

    So – Pakistani Government says, "You blasphemers! You called our God a hairy ape! That's IT! We will BAN YOUR SITE! If we could, we would SHUT IT DOWN! YOU ARE EITHER WITH US … OR AGAINST US!!! (That's real black and white, don't you think?)

    You know, I'm not really religious at all – I guess I'm close to being a Christian, but I don't regularly attend services. Here's MY thoughts … MY God DOES NOT CARE what anyone thinks. I take my Lord's name in Vain – but He knows my DEEP thoughts and feelings. He knows I'm not a murderer, and that I don't deliberately try to hurt others. He's NOT going to go off the charts and burn the world just because me (or anyone else) calls him a "bad name"…

    The Christian God is supposedly a PERFECT being … I'm assuming the Muslim God is also? Am I right? Now stop and think for a second … do you honestly think that a PERFECT being really gives a rats ass about what ANY of us IMPERFECT beings say about Him? If you answer YES, then you are probably an idiot.

    How many mothers and fathers are here? I'm a father. My kids get mad at me sometimes – I'm sure they've called me a jerk behind my back when I've yelled at them once or twice. But, I know they love me, and they know I love them too. Our God (whichever one you believe in) is the SAME way … He is a PERFECT being, remember??

    How many of you used to tell "momma" and "daddy" jokes? Any of you ever say them in a mean way to hurt someone else, in middle school perhaps? Well, guess what. My kids are in middle school, they've come home mad because some kid said I was fat, or ugly, or whatever – but I DON'T CARE … I've got ENOUGH stuff to fool with that it doesn't bother me. I told them it shouldn't bother them either – YOU HAVE TO EXPECT STUPID PEOPLE TO SAY AND DO STUPID THINGS!!!

    So, do you REALLY think God gives a damn what ANY of us say? What does it matter to you if it does? If you are a Muslim, and I'm not – if I call your God a jerk, what does it matter to you? According to your religion I'll be punished in the Afterlife, let God take care of His business in His own way … HE is the PERFECT being – NOT YOU. A PERFECT being does NOT need YOU to handle HIS affairs … if it made him mad, he'd strike us all dead. Get real.

    Grow up and GET A LIFE people. The Pakistani government banned the sites because the government is controlled by MUSLIMS and THEY don't want to see "Muslim Bashing" on the Internet. Well – when I see something online, or on TV, or hear it on the radio – I use this neat little button called the OFF SWITCH.

    I'm against War, I'm against killing – but MOST of all …. I'm against STUPIDITY!

    THINK people! USE your BRAINS!

    • Andy

      some sense at last and a reply that i can actually read

  • Thanks

    Imran khan; You have very good reports and they seem to be researched. At least they aren't opininated like most of the people who don't know the actual meaning of "Freedom of Speech." Most of the people here are stating things that aren't true. I tried to post the link to freedom of speech yesterday, but it wasn't here. =( You guys could just go to wiki and put in: Freedom of Speech and read up on it. Then you can talk about freedom of speech.

    P.s. Most of you guys need to learn how to spell. I can't even read some of the posts.

  • Wow, what an excellent post! I saw your blog today, this is a really good post you made, let them roll!

  • Usman

    Guys I think FB is over in Pakistan, they should have shown some maturity, they biased themselves over a non-issue, and it was perfectly fine for them to pull that page off because they do have very strict terms regarding content that is posted and I was the one who Hoped it would be pulled off but was very surprised to see their decision, well, I can see Pakistani youth finding alternatives, check that , believed to be a Pakistani website but not sure, Its being heavily marketed across the country as an "Alternative" to FB, people want to forget FB in pakistan.

  • Imran Khan

    Summery of response:
    It seems, Pakistan is far behind to Modern world and Muslims are still living in Stone Age. Let me tell you “it is age of reason not religion”. If you will never allow others to criticize your religion it will never evolve and it is becoming problem for you and non-muslims too. It seems Islam can‘t stand on open scrutiny therefore Muslims don’t allow it be criticized. Open it for debates on your countries, either It will rule the world or it will become the History.

    Keep in mind “freedom of speech” on religions is pith in developed countries(Europe and American). They have left behind the religions in 17th century, most of them don’t take religion too serious so are progressing in this era. “Freedom of speech“ is non-negotiable in Modern World.

    When you ask for respect for Islam and your Prophet. You forget that prophet Muhammad himself destroyed idles in Mecca in the first place without caring other religions, Taliban in Afghanistan did the same way but never was such response. When you burn flags of other counties, is that not offensive for their nation.

    Through out the Islam expansion period Muslims destroyed other religions not with preaching with sword too.

    When Hindus ask you to not eat cows because it is like God of some Hindus, you laugh at them. This is the way you respect other religions.

    "Islam is religion of peace and Tolerance" is a slogan from moderate Muslims but Muslims never show any tolerance; see how your react in Pakistan showing tolerance and peace.

    Instead of asking other to read Quran and Hadith, better read it yourself first in translation. Which state that: ”you can beat your wife.” ‘Earth is flat” “Star are made to make sky beautiful” ”Muhammad married 9 years girls while he was 52 years old” “Kill the infidels” ”Jews can’t be your friend (even there was no Israel)” “Universe was created in seven days” “Islam orders kill the apostate” There are many more contradiction of science and human right with Islam. I know Islam is not bad but these are the issues which need to be discussed. When your religion causes “suicide bombing” “hijacking plans” “killing Journalists”.

    After having all these issue how world can put it above criticism even there is no exception for other religions.

    Only the problems with Muslims are they attached with religions too firmly and never negotiate on this. Please think that your religion can be false. Keep in mind that all religions are man made. Take them seriously in every wake of life is problem now because they were make centuries ago. “Peace””Love all humanity not only muslims brothers also Jews can be your brothers if you love them too.”

  • Marius

    I dont know why we should care?
    If people are not on facebook or youtube… I dont care as long I can visit those sites

  • YesI'ms DAD

    Go Ahed hows stooping you YesI'mSerious, Freek

    • YesI'mSerious

      If I had access to tactical nukes, you can bet your ass the first thing I would do would be to nuke them. Their primitive way of thinking is doing nothing to benefit this great planet that we live on, it is only holding us back. America's economy is all screwed up thanks in no small part to the war in Iraq. If we just nuked them and killed them all, we wouldn't be in this mess.

  • sattar

    Dear william maldonado
    For You So Called Americans Religion,Relations, Even GOD does not matter a guy just to sell his show on T.V can make fun of God or Your Prophet it would be A no Big Deal for you Guys But Religion our Hole Book and Our Prophet is VERY VERY Important For A Muslim. Do what ever you do with your religion your Hole People but Please Try to learn Respect For others Feelings if i say some thing against so Called Innocent jEW"S the all world would come after me if i only write one line and the every one would condemn it, saying against Jews and so CALLED ""Holocaust"" is punishable in most countries of Union and in your country also before telling others i suggest you should read your law first and Ans only this question why it is so that world cant say a word against so called """Holocaust""" and jews and when it comes to Muslims and there believes its called freedom of speech. just Ans this
    1-Learn to respect feelings of others,
    if you want this world to be a batter place to live.
    and we ask our Govt to Ban those sites and we are proud that they did Plz don't teach us freedom and rights
    Teach it to your nation who occupied 3 countries and kill Millions of innocent women, babies and men to just to get hold of "OIL"
    I hope you can teach this lesson to your people

  • sara ahmad

    it's the wrong decision of government to ban facebook.this is not the way it should have been,i mean they shuld have called all the leadres of the muslim countries and thought of a better solution.things do get ok if u sit and have a talk…..what about those people who have loved ones abroad and were just a click away????….atleast they could have blocked the link!!shutting down the whole thing doesn't make any sense!!

  • YesI'mSerious

    We really just need to nuke the entire middle east.


    Ban the Facebook in Every country its a waste of Time ……its not good

  • emad

    This is a load of crap. Its ok for muslims to kill eachother,say christians/americans are terrorist? No its not. Your prophet muhammed is a lie and so is your religion.




    AA its a good decision bcoz all the religion are respectable for all muslims .we all muslims apreciate this blockage bcoz its include in our blood to love with HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH)
    WE give message all non muslims to respects all the religions and respect all the prophets.bcoz its the KEY of peace TO RESPECT ALL THE RELIGIONS AND respect all the prophets. Allah hafiz

    • Connor

      If the one way to get peace is to respect all religions, when why do the muslim extremists continue to attack US bases? they could have stopped attacks a long time ago, but deem it as their holy duty to blow themselves up and kill americans, if muslims do believe that going into a market and blowing up women, children, and US soldiers will get them to heaven, i don't think i can respect that religion.

  • william maldonado

    You people are praising your government, and handing over your rights and freedoms like its a ticket. Your government shouldnt be allowed to remove the right to view facebook just because it offends a the religion of your countries religion. Here in america, our constitution says that laws shall not be written based off religion. The majority of America in christian, but our laws are not those stated in the bible. This is because we Americans are tolerant of all religions, and to me it seems like you islamics are not very tolerant people. you are unaccepting that other people are different religions, you guys needs to relax and not taking everything so seriously, learn to have fun. Here in America we have television shows that always make fun of things like religion or jesus, or muhammed, but we accept them a humor. That is one of the reasons we americans enjoy a higher standard of living. When Turky changed its law from islamic law to modern day western style law; the standsrd of living for everyone increased. You people must uphold your rights, fight for more rights, and learn to be more tolerant.

  • Humna

    Theres a very big difference between freedom of speech and discrimination, above all that free speech crap, human rights come first, right? so why the discrimination and racism? But i think pakistani government went a bit too far with the banning of facebook and youtube. I mean people who wanted to protest could simply delete or not use such materials, THAT would have been the right thing to do or just make a similar page condemning the idea ….I dont think this ban has helped anyone or anysituation get any better,,, even maybe gave a worser image of pakistan internationally….Oh well hopefully its back on soon so we could connect with our friends again!

  • Ansari

    i guess you are on wrong page my fellow muslim brother and sister. i agree with nicole… we shouldnt be banning facebook or youtube… if someone doesnt like it than we should not go on those websites…. lets say we should ban internet in pakistan rather face book….because cartoons are allover

  • Ansari

    i guess you are on wrong page my fellow muslim brother and sister. i agree with nicole… we shouldnt be banning facebook or youtube… if someone doesnt like it than we should not go on those websites…. lets say we should ban internet in pakistan rather face book….because cartoons are allover
    the danish said that islam is religion of violence … next thing we know we are tearing things danish did prove a point…. we have a choice ..
    remm.. the fact.. a non muslim used to throw garbage on PBUH.. he never got mad or anything… instead when she got sick.. he went to see her…
    understand different peoples culture.
    I agree with u nicole

  • pakistani

    i think blocking these websites isn't going to help!!!!!!!becoze faacebook is in chill…….facebook isn't taking any action….n i love our Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)…..banning facebook is not going to help us n protesting either we have to take some seriouse action becoze our gov has just block facebook but this isn't going to work….

  • amna

    When you say stuff against Blacks its called racism. When you say stuff again jews its called antisemitism , when you say stuff against women its called sexism than why saying stuff against our Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is considered freedom of speech?

    I believe it was wrong on the part of the gov to block these sites. A dialogue would have been better but its equally wrong on the part of the 'liberal, civilized, educated western world' to call THIS freedom of speech.

  • Harish

    good..get all the websites banned and stop using the computers as they were invented by westerners/jews.This would plungs Pakistan into political and social isolation.This is not good for the youth of the nation.It is important that a movement starts across the world to purge all the blasphemous propaganda that has been happening about Islam.Young minds are impressionable.Impress upon them the greatness of Allah,Quoran and it's messenger the PROPHET.Also teach them that there are religions in this world other than Islam that are just ways of life like Islam is.

    The religious heads in all the Islamic nations should take the education of the youth very seriously and should inculcate in them restrain on the face of such crisis,

  • Mustafa

    i think Freedom of speech ,expression, and action should only be allowed to an extent where i does not OFFEND anyone… and ridiculing other religions and religious personalities is creating unrest … why be biased when it comes to freedom of action … why a police arrests killers ,theieves …etc .. when in reality they are only practicing 1st amendment .. right … ? thr action may be justified in their own eyes but may not be in others eyes …
    anyways i think pak govt wouldnt have banned those site if it wasnt for the retaliation shown by the ppl of pak…
    i think we were getting knowledge before FB and Youtube …didnt we…
    Well done Pakistan@

  • shahab shaukat

    very well saif osam saeed…. we r very happy that our Government took such a step….. our religion comes always first… we love our beloved PROPHET (PBUH) more than our lives , so we cannot listen a single word against him… facebook must delete those dirty groups… other wise it should be keep banned…….

  • unknowngirl

    WTF?! Facebook i understand! Buhhh Youtube that is too far!!

    • Faiz Khan

      I think you don't love your Prophet. There is a lot of blasphemous material on youtube which hurtz the Muslims all around the world

    • Shahroz

      Thats what even I was thinking lady but try to ponder over it………..I would accept the blocking of any site as a PROTEST…..lady You are making Protest not Playing!!!…..both are insulting through blasphemous caricatures….I think you are thinking of your own benefit!!

  • PAKI

    Great job PTA…please ban all the internet web sites because internet was also invented in the western world…and also ban people using computers…can any one tell me the name of the person who invented windows and operating systems that u r using on ur computers…y u r using it stop using it bcoz for ur information BILL GATES IS A JEW…if u don't believe me go and see on google…so i was talking about bans…plz ban yahoo and hotmail as well…plzzzzzzzz ban everything… the IRONY IS OUR GREAT AND HIGHLY EDUCATED LEADERS GO AND BEG IN THOSE COUNTRIES FOR FINANCIAL AID AND ASSISTANCE AND THE EMBASSIES OF THOSE COUNTRIES ARE STILL OPEN HERE…i know truth is bitter…KEEP ON BANNING EVERYTHING…yet keep on beeging for financial assistance…

  • Ali

    If you are against terrorist or hate them like everybody in the world even Muslims then draw their images or say anything what you want about them but not about Mohammad PBUH.
    My question to every one how many Americans, Europeans or other nations died in Terrorist attacks Please count and let us know. It will not be 10% of died in Pakistan and Iraq. We as Muslims are suffering from terrorist attacks much more than you..
    Banning facebook and youtube is just a message to tell the world and I support this action

  • Nadeem Akhter

    A very good and positive step in deed. and Well said Osama Saeed

  • mohiz

    Osama Saeed YA U R RIGHT MY BROTHER we r not terrourists we fight for peace americans are terrourists they fight to kill innocent guys and all christans are terrourists

    • Shahroz

      dude all christians are not terrorists…..mind it Mohiz bhai….well what you said about the american propaganda you are right as they have blown thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis…………we say something it is WorTHless….they say something it is Worthwhile

  • Abū 'Ubaidah

    Meh. Freedom of speech my ass. If I say today that "Jews Deserved The Holocaust", Jews will go crazy and I believe there would be riots all over the world. They would consider it "offensive", "prejudiced", "derogatory", "provocative".

    But when someone makes caricatures of Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم, they call it "Freedom of Speech", "Civil Liberties", "Civil Rights".

    Why the double standards?

    I am for Freedom of Speech, but why exercise it to hurt a community making 27% of the global population? A community that makes the second largest following in the world, next only to Christianity? A community of 1.7 billion people; when, say, if tomorrow I make a Facebook page entitled "JEWS DESERVE THE HOLOCAUST", it would only hurt 13.3 million Jews. But the whole world will be against it; and it has happened countless times before.

    Once again I ask, why the double standards?

    It has to be equal Freedom for everybody. Freedom for ALL. A person like Dieudonne, a comedian who made a couple Jewish jokes, and he is banished. His career is finished. And he was a famous comedian.

    For me, Freedom of Expression and respecting others' beliefs go hand-in-hand. Thank you. What the Government of Pakistan did was the right thing to do; majority of the population of Pakistan is FOR it, not AGAINST it, and I would suggest that you "Freedom Fighters" out there learn to follow your own agendas.


    Note: I'm not against Jews, nor am I Jew-phobic. If I have hurt the feelings of any Jew, I beg for forgiveness. It was just a reply to the whole 'Freedom of Speech' lies that go around the world today.

  • Aribah Aqeel

    Pakistani goverment has no sense ..

    They banned the facebook that was good but why the
    most informative sources youtube and wikipedia…

    they can only bann the objectionable pages but y the whole sites…

    Islam doesnt says that whatever happens in this world dont see..
    You just close ur eyes…

    This all is the planning of dajjal masonics cause they have the Muslims as their big competetors

    • Faiz Khan

      Islam doesn't say that whatever is happening in this world, don't see but Firstly Islam says that if someone says any blasphemous stuff against The most valueable Prophet MUHAMMAD (sallalahoalihiwasallm) is not tollerable. THese people are what we call "Wajib-ul-Qatal". Youtube also haves some blasphemous material that's why it is banned

  • Mian

    LOOK!!! and observe. MUSLIMS are not extremists. these people are extremist. how they dare to take such shameful step. They are putting us to WAR against them.

  • Harish

    Addressing the root cause is very important than addressing the effects emanating out of it.What Pakistan is doing at the moment is it is countering only the effect and not the root cause.

    Being non-Islamic I can say for sure that whatever bad stuff is being propagated over the internet is not true at all and is baseless. But the point is that the people- who eventually make up a government should be responsible. If I were following Islam then I would for sure go ahead and read the Quoran during these times to seek help. Because if a person understands Quoran well then he would find the allegations being made against Islam are baseless and not true. It is important that the youth of all Islamic nations who would be the future of their corresponding nations do this so that they would be able to judge right from wrong. On the other hand the onus is on such youth to enlighten the world that the Islam doesn't vouch for anything like that and there is no place for such a thing in Quoran.Quoran should be their best weapon to fight and win this battle of allegations.Quoran would have all the content in it to disprove all the negative campaign about the religion is happening.

    Banning the sites in this scenario is not a solution to the problem. The fact that it curbs the civil rights is a different issue altogether.The problem doesn't end there. How many sites would the PTA ban.This is I believe is just the beginning. It is in the hands of the youth of Pakistan as to how they would react to this.It would only show their belief in quoran during these tough times.

  • Osama Saeed

    No offence Nicole McGill, how about if i say few bad words about your messenger/ prophet. would you still call it FREEDOM of SPEECH/ MY CIVIL LIBERTIES? more over "Americans get threatened everyday on facebook" they might be getting treats but the allied forces are KILLING thousands of innocent everyday just to kill 2 – 3 (So Called) terrorists living amongst them. Each and every second in Iraq and afghanistan people are living in fear they are unsure when drones will fly over their heads and kill 90% of their innocent family or when Allied forces will come and bomb their houses off. I will call This is RIDDICULUS killing millions for individuals is Riddiculous.

    Now back to main topic we the people of Pakistan are happy that our government/ courts took very brave decision. We will not tolerate any Blasphemous thing about our Prophet even if we have to ban such sites or discontinue usage of foriegn products.

    in the end i would once again apologize if i've been harsh in above statements. But this was nothing but the truth.

  • Tahir

    Excellent work Pakistan, thanks Pakistan Govenment and PTA and High court. Great Nation. Great People

  • Zaheer

    Malik you are right brother, there is so much disrespetful material on youtube, against our religion, so yes it should be banned untill all this material put by low life people is removed, well said thank you

  • Peace….!!!

    we are happy…well done Pakistan…!

  • Malik

    The sites should remain banned by PTA until they don't delete all those pages (which violate their own TOS)

  • This is ridiculous! What happened to "Freedom of Speech? What happened to civil liberties? What happened to civil rights in these countries? I don't understand why the people of these countries just hand their rights over to the government in such a way. Do they not have voices? Why would the government regulate in such a way, unless they're trying to hide something? What are they hiding? Americans get threatened everyday on facebook. Still that is no reason to block the site from us users who are connecting with people all around the world. I believe that there's something deeper going on here. Knowledge is the key to enlightenment. When the government starts hindering knowledge, then they are working on oppressing their people. It seems that the government does not want to lose control of it's people! If the people are given the opportunity to converse with other's outside of their countries, the government WILL lose it's power!!!

    • Chohan

      Humm it does make a lot big sense to block a website in pakistan which is the 6th largest country by population if i am not wrong, anyway at least the step they took is better than doing nothing, so am not agree with you, but agree with what has been done, as it drops the popularity of such nasty sites which can be used for anything, sorry i have my sympathies for you but this is i had to say!!!! Facebook, or Youtube banned !!!Voted!!!

    • Fauziyah

      well nicole if u call muslims to be extremists then just tell me one thing why is it so that U.N. has a law which states that every human being should care about the feelings of other human beings…..despite they are muslims, christians or jews. oh i'm sorry u people think of urself to be highly educated, sophisticated and cultured yet u people are worst than animals according to U.N. law and i'm sorry thats not what my religion has said but the law made by one of your kind and someone non Muslims. and we muslims do believe in it that is why we obey and we are humans but from now i'm sure about it you are not………and if this kind of freedom of speech is what you want then keep it to yourself.

    • Faiz Khan

      Our government did what their people wanted. And we are happy for what our government did. Their must be a limit of freedom of speech. Blasphemous caricatures should not be the part of public entertainment. Muslims obey Jesus as well. Blasphemous caricatures should not be a part of public entertainment. Facebook will remain be banned until the creator if that blasphemous group pays plenty for it that is to be sentenced to death by the government and facebook administration apologizes for not deleting that group at that time. We are not facing any loss for not using facebook while the loss is being faced by the facebook.

    • wth

      Everyone doesnt have freedom of speech. You tube also has a decidedly Pro Israeli-Zionist slant which many in the Arab world probably find annoying. In the western countries(of which I am a part) many of the revisionist sites are banned. Like the man said at the ZUNDEL trial….”truth is no defense”. People in glass houses……

    • Maheen

      OUR GOVERNMENT DID WHAT WE THE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN WANTED…hence it proves…that WE DO HAVE FREEDON OF SPEECH….we live fine…with ALL our rights !
      sod off.

    • Zehra66

      When you attack black people, they call it Racism. When you attack Jewish, they call it Anti-Semitism. When you attack women, they call it Sexism. When you attack homosexuality, they call it Intolerance. When you attack your country, they call it Treason. When you attack a religious sect, they call it Hate Speech.But when you attack Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), they want to call it "Freedom of Speech"! Seriously why provoke Muslims?? is'nt this terrorisom??Nato is killing so many ppl on the Pakistani borders every second yet agreed they r targeting taliban's but yet innocent ppl also die in it…what do call that just coz they r poor they dont deserve to live..or mayb coz they r muslims..We Pakistani's in North Waziristan r fighting the many of our soldiers die now are'nt their lives precious no mayb coz they r muslims..we r fighting America's War..but do we complain..we support them against terrorism but what about our feelings??what do we get in return??Seriously i need an answer for this question of mine if few ppl in america or any other european country dies its terrorism ppl mourn but what abt everyday our ppl die..whether our soldiers in waziristan or innocent ppl in dron attacks..who mourns for them?why doesnt the world ever talk abt them??

      • Raheel Raza

        I agree with Zehra and other who replied to that Nicolle…. Shame on you Nicolle…. really shame on youself.!

    • momdwdwd

      the people dont "Hand" their rights…

  • Ryan Jones

    Excellent work Pakistan……. any religion does not allow this kind of promotion. these extremist who are running these campaigns on facebook should realize that they are creating the differences themselves… this campaign shouldn’t have been approved however the owners of these companies do this purposely..


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