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Verizon iPhone 4G: AT&T not worried

We have some interesting details to share with you now, as AT&T’s President and CEO of AT&T’s Mobility and Consumer Markets division, Ralph De La Vega has been answering questions related to the future of the iPhone and it’s exclusive agreement with Apple.

As reported from the WSJ, Vega answered user questions at a recent media and telecoms conference. When specifically asked when the iPhone exclusivity agreement with Apple would run out, Vega ‘laughed’ and said he wasn’t able to disclose that kind of information.

Furthermore, he revealed that the network wouldn’t be too worried if the iPhone did appear on other networks such as Verizon. He explained that most of their current subscribers are on family-talk plans or business-discount plans, and that these customers would be reluctant to leave their current plans for another carrier.

Do you think AT&T can hold onto their customers if the iPhone 4G lands on Verizon? Give us your thoughts on this.


  • Brian

    I guess I’m the only one that has had great quality for 2 1/2 years with an iPhone on AT&T network. I can count on one hand the amount of dropped calls or no internet access. I also was forced to use Verizon for work, and it was absolute garbage. I spoke with several techs and customer reps from verizon and they all had different excuses. Good thing I wasn’t paying the bill. Then factor in the talk on the phone while surfing the net on AT&T vs wandering around looking for 1 bar on verizon, oops no service. Having a iPhone on that network is like asking Playstation to design a game for the Atari 2600. Good luck suckers.

  • JJDroider

    Some people have no idea about bandwidth and the difference between CDMA and GSM. It will be a monopoly if and when the IPhone comes to Verizon. I have and work for Verizon and they don't pay me to post this stuff. The Android market is huge and even with the Iphone on the network, it can handle it. Verizon has a total of 91 million plus on the network with let's say 20-30% of the users are smart phone users. Last time I checked that number has increased by 5% since the droid came out and the network is still running strong. The sprint user that mentioned their 4G EVO, good luck with that because you are limited to the 4G coverage which you pay extra for with that device. Sprint will be ditching Clear and moving to LTE which Verizon is already 18 months ahead on other networks. To sum this up, Verizon was ready for the IPhone when Apple approached them in 2007 so they had to go with second best which AT&T is ranked last now in consumer reports. LTE, the future, everyone will switch and the post on here will look exactly like mine with their droids or the 4G iphone.

  • Julie

    i think the grass is greener on the other side… til you get there. teh release is not going to hurt at&t.

  • AT&T may not seam faster but they have significant infrastructure. It may turn out that we currently love the speed on Verizon, more so because iPhone is not on it yet sucking up all the bandwidth. I will be interesting to see if others can keep up the available bandwidth for iPhone or other Android / smart phones in the future. I think AT&T got a fantastic head start.

    Personally I like Sprint and plan to get the Sprint 4G Evo as soon as it comes out June 4th (I was a business partner with Sprint).

  • Waldo

    If the iPhone goes to verizon it would be the same thing as AT&T because of the overload of The iPhones. There's a hight percentage of people want or have the iPhone it's to much for any network to handle.

  • Bill

    I have delayed renewing my Verizon contract in the hopes that they will get access to the iPhone. I am not anxious to switch to AT&T. While Verizon has its problems, they seem to have a better network and customer service. I plan to wait a few months more in hopes that Verizon will get access to the iPhone. Ultimately though, it would be worth switching to get the iPhone.

  • Logan

    AT&T is going to die if iphone goes to verizon. I know a ton of people and see a ton of people online who say they have AT&t and it sucks. They are waiting for the iphone to come out for verizon and then they would switch.


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