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UFC Undisputed 2010: No Multiplayer code, No Online Play

We have some important information for those of you who are planning to pick up UFC Undisputed 2010 at the end of May, as THQ has revealed that online play will require a one-time code to access.

As reported from VG247, this means that those of you planning to pick up a second-hand copy of the game, won’t be able to access any of the game’s online multiplayer features, unless you pay an additional $5. Shocking.

Here is the official statement from THQ regarding the matter: “This multiplayer content for UFC Undisputed 2010 will be available via a one-time code included with the game at purchase. Codes for accessing the content will be available for second-time buyers for an additional $5.”

So, those of you who regularly pick up second-hand games from retailers, expect to pay an extra fee to unlock the full features of the game.

We want your thoughts on this. THQ are perfectly in their right to do this – but should it be allowed? Would you pay an extra $5 on top?



  • Ryan

    We all pay $50 a year to play xbox 360 online, now we need to pay another $5 per game. I say per game because all developers will follow. I buy my games new, however my son and I both play on separate 360's. That means even though I bought it new, I owe $5 if we both want to play it online on our own 360's. Trust me people, whether it affects you or not we need to make a stand on this. They get enough of our money. These greedy people are already wealthy.

  • nope

    It does not seem right, but there is a HUGE market for 2nd had games. I guess they want to make a little profit from the resale.


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