Super Mario Galaxy 2: Nintendo Include Nostalgic Mario 64 Level (Video)

By Jamie Pert - May 20, 2010

If you are excited about the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2, then get a load of this. If you were like me, and played Mario 64 endlessly, over and over you are sure to remember Whoomp’s Fortress.

The classic, nostalgic level complete with theme music and spiral mountain is to be included in Super Mario Galaxy 2, due for release Monday, May 24 in the US.

Just to give you a taste of what exactly we are talking about, we have included a video below. But before you watch, remember to grab some of your favorite chocolate money, some candy, and a glass of fizzy drink just for old times sake. You will feel like a kid again all over, we promise.

Will you be purchasing Super Mario Galaxy 2?

Source: JoyStiq

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  • Jason

    Actually i heard smg2 is to released on sunday may 23 so we dont have to wait that extra day

  • Bob

    omg so excited!

  • Anonymous

    The release date is Sunday, May 23rd not the 24th, regardless can't wait 4 this game!

  • gamerdude

    Am going to play the hell out this GAME and i hope there's more 64 levels

  • Ashley

    Finally! Nintendo is finally giving us Mario fans the SM64 levels! Hooray!

  • Ashley