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Samsung Galaxy S: Super AMOLED Video – Best Smartphone Display Ever?

Recently at the Google I/O conference IntoMobile managed to get their hands on the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S, undoubtedly this handset’s most noticeable feature is it’s Super AMOLED display.

The handset’s design is pretty iPhone-like, however the 4-inch screen is extremely bright (I think brighter than any other smartphone display I have ever seen), perhaps most impressively the display doesn’t reflect sunlight too much, which makes it viewable in even the brightest conditions.

The Galaxy S really comes into it’s own when you view HD video, the colors and viewing angles are again the best we have ever seen on a smartphone, this is aided by an impressive 1GHz processor.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Do you think this is the best display ever seen on a smartphone?

Source: IntoMobile



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