NVIDIA Tegra 2 vs. iPad Tablet: Specs Compared

By Alan Ng - May 20, 2010

For those of you still searching for an alternative to the Apple iPad, some fresh details have emerged from Foxconn’s Tegra 2 tablet – an upcoming Android device which is considerably more powerful than the iPad.

As reported from T3, the 1GHz ARM Cortex 9 CPU contained within the Tegra 2 tablet is thought to be 25 per cent more powerful than the 1 GHz Apple A4 processor the iPad offers.

In terms of RAM, the Foxconn tablet also comes out on top thanks to an impressive 1GB of RAM providing the engine power. The tablet also features a 8.9-inch capacitive touchsreen and other additions such as a front facing camera and two USB ports.

The tablet has not been given a release date yet, or a company branding for that matter, but we can pretty much predict that the tablet will be rocking Android 2.2 Froyo upon release.

Who needs the iPad when you have a device with beefed up specs like the Tegra 2 tablet. Let us know your thoughts on this. We’ll update you on fresh details as we get it.

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  • casual observer

    Here we go again with the Flash. People who have no opinion of their own always parrot what the critics say. It's amazing how people even think so highly of Flash, when all I ever do on my web browser is to block those stupid Flash. Don't tell me of all the time you spent online, you've never learned anything about Flash.

    The no. 1 usage for Flash is spam.

    • kuku

      If you hate Flash, why dont you just uninstall the plugin
      instead of installing it then blocking it.

  • i bet this can run Flash very well.. as demonstrated in CES… Sorry Steve Jobs, ur vision of a Flash-free world ends here.. hahaha

  • Jack

    The more important thing would be IF they make it to the market.

  • Eren

    Who needs an iPad, really? I think you're jumping the gun. None of these devices are viable competitors unless they match fhe battery life of fhe iPad. More speed and RAM are not really crucial in a tablet if the battery life isn't as good, so let's wait and see for real world test results…

  • xav

    all of these products are out dated , they needed to be released months ago. They will come out and then the Ipad 2nd Gen will be released. Apple will then again be ahead. Ashame :/

  • mike

    this would be awesome if it would ever come out! The iPad has been out forever and stil… no competition on the market yet

    • Riffbear

      I'm thinking the exact same thing…
      It's starting to bother me now! lol

      I may just wait for the Asus EP101