New iPhone 4G: Edit User Dictionary in OS 4.0

By Alan Ng - May 20, 2010

The latest iPhone OS 4.0 beta has once again revealed some extra features that will be coming in the next version of the iPhone this Summer. The latest feature allows you to customize the User Dictionary in the OS 4.0.

As reported from Apple Insider, it it now means that users will be able to edit and add their own words into the dictionary featured on the iPhone following the release of iPhone OS 4.0.

Once you add a word into the database, the dictionary will then store it, so you won’t need to keep typing it out. The new Edit User Dictionary menu will be found under the Keyboard tab.

What are your thoughts on the new addition? You can view a series of preview screenshots over at Apple Insider.

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  • REPLACE did not work for me despite doing this five or six times. What worked was clicking the X next to the assumed word before completing (i.e. hitting Space Bar to ACCEPT the assumed word). I did this three times and woola. Good as new!

  • Matt

    My mates iPhone did this and I told him:

    Write the word ME and let it replace it with MR if it wants..

    Then double tap on MR and choose REPLACE

    choose ME from the list

    Do this again, as many times as needed ( he needed two times repeating ahold procedure) and presto, it’s back to normal for him


  • jeff

    same thing with me, it constantly wants to replace "me" with "mr". so wrong

  • adrian

    it couldnt come soon enough. i am systematically going nuts trying to erase my keyboard dictionary and ive noted that there is some link to my me account!

    ie i deleted the dictionary several times (even 3 in a row, reboot) (in case its just a logic flag thing needing to be satisfied) – presto dont work

    then i thot, maybe the sms or chat history's still being on my phone contain the words that triggered/were entered into.. the dictionary

    so next i erased the fone (for another reason but always always this bloody keyboard dictionary kills me. especially when blackberry has the functionality and this is eye-PHONE!!…

    so now i note, NO dictionary, no issue


    i add my account…. weird.. address book sync maybe has it?

    or the bookmark sync??


    ps. offending word is mr ! … when i type me , i want me. not mr. damn it.

    so cant wait and so welcome this news!!