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LG Panther (Windows Phone 7): Hands-On Review

We have some exciting details to bring you now, as we have a full hands-on review of the LG Panther smartphone for you to take a look at before release – complete with a working version of Windows Phone 7 operating system.

The hands-on review comes to us courtesy of Pocket-Lint, who were lucky enough to spend some quality time with the device at a recent Microsoft demo in London.

PL states that the OS was running very smoothly and that the majority of key features within Windows Phone 7 were working with no problems.

They talk in detail about the close integration with Facebook, as well as a neat feature which allows you to bring up instant one-click access to Bing Maps – offering various location based services and tools.

Microsoft confirmed that the LG Panther will be one of the launch devices when Windows Phone 7 is ready, while Pocket-lint added that the slide-out keyboard will be especially useful when browsing social media websites.

For detailed information on the features mentioned above, including the Zune music and video player, to Pocket-Lint for the full review.

What are your thoughts on the OS / handset?



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