Knights Contract (PS3 and Xbox 360): Trailer Video For Bayonetta Style Game

By Jamie Pert - May 20, 2010

Looking for a new button-bashing action game similar to Bayonetta? Well, look no further than Namco Bandai’s current video game project Knights Project, this game will be coming to both PS3 and Xbox 360, however a U.S. and European release date is unknown.

We do know that the Japanese release should take place sometime in 2011, therefore we may be luckily enough to see the game on U.S. and European shelves in mid-late 2011.

In the game you play as a soldier called Heinrich, his weapon of choice is a scythe, which he uses to cut his way though his enemies. Your job is to protect Gretchen, she is a witch who for some reason has cursed you with immortality (is that a curse?).

The action featured in the game’s first trailer (embedded at the end of this post) looks like a cross between Bayonetta and God of War 3, I think it is safe to say that it will do well if the final product compares to GoW 3, however the visuals do show some promise.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section, for more details follow the link below.

Source: JoyStiq

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