iPhone 4G: White or Black? – Release Date Choices

Following on our report which informed you about a possible release of a white iPhone 4G this Summer, we thought we would ask you for your preferences. Would you prefer to own a white or black model?

A white iPhone is not really a new thing, as a white version of existing iPhone models are widely available today. However, the new form factor of the 4G, – i.e the new flat surface on the back will give the device a completely different perspective.

While black will probably be the color of choice for the majority of iPhone fans, we think there is a good deal of you who will opt for the white model.

Personally, I’d go for the white model as I’d like to have a handset which stands out amongst the rest. It would probably increase the likelihood of attracting thieves, but I’m willing to take that risk for a pristine white version!

What about you? White or Black – the decision is yours!

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