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Halo Reach Beta: Server Close Time – Satisfied or Not?

In case you didn’t know, today is officially the day when the Halo Reach multiplayer beta comes to a glorious end. We have the exact time when the servers will be shut down – will it be an emotional moment or not?

According to Bungie community manager Brian Jarrard, the servers will be going offline at 10AM PDT – which is 6pm for those of you in the UK.

The beta lasted a day extra than originally planned, so Xbox 360 owners have definitely had a great ride. Are you disappointed that the beta is coming to an end, or are you satisfied with the playing time you received?

It is fair to say that anticipation for the final release of Halo Reach will be one of the biggest ever, if not the biggest in the history of Halo titles.

Have you had enough of the beta, or are you thirsty for more? You only have a few hours left – make the most of it!



  • Newman

    It's great that some players got to lpay the beta bought ODST for 1 year ago without knowleagde of Halo Reach and now when im looking on the internet the beta closed for nearly 2 months ago?! =(

  • gumpster

    grrr.. its 10pm here, EST.. and yep, the beta is down.. grrr

  • Darren

    yep. i played it about 5pm or 6pm(in ohio) and it was still up and running. they will prolly keep it up and running 4 a day or 2 longer. 🙂

  • gumpster

    i'ts 1pm here in EST, and the beta is still up.. 🙂

  • gumpster

    it's still up and running here in eastern standard time.. y aaaaahh.. 🙂

  • zSavi0r

    No!!! Let it go longer….The full game doesn't come out till September!!! Let it go until at least July…


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