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Halo: Reach – 10 Amazing Screens From The Xbox 360 Beta

One great feature that the Halo: Reach beta featured allowed gamers to save their favorite videos and then post them online, as you can imagine with the millions of games that have taken place there have been a lot of funny screens captured, a recent article posted on IGN features their top 10 Halo: Reach screens.

If you check out IGN’s article you can see all of the screens, out of the 10, my favorite 3 have been embedded at the end of this post. If you feel you have a better Halo: Reach screen IGN ask you to submit your screen to them.

Sadly the Halo: Reach beta ends today, therefore make sure you make the most of the last few hours of gameplay, you never know you may capture the ultimate Halo: Reach screen!

Source: IGN



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