Facebook Banned in Pakistan: Further Details Regarding Ban

Yesterday we reported that Facebook had been banned in Pakistan following a court case, this court case was the result of a new Facebook group called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!”, where social networkers were encourages to draw the Prophet Muhammed (the founder of Islam).

More details regarding the ban have now been revealed, apparently the ban will last until May 31, the ban itself will stand for anybody in Pakistan, Islamic or not.

Sketches/drawings of Prophet Muhummad are considered an act of blasphemy, previously a Danish cartoonist upset the Islamic world when he drew a caricature of Prophet Muhammed, this led to one Somali man attempting to murder the cartoonist with an axe.

This Facebook group has caused protests in Karachi, therefore many experts believe that Facebook should do more to stop these sort of groups being created.

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Source: ABCNews


  • Hashim ali

    ASlam o elekum! i have seen as i was expecting. Pakistan is the weakest country in the world shame on us. We use to lick our on spit hell man. what on earth are we? can never be even near to the meaning of word "Muslim". Congrats! Pakistan has allowed this sucking Facebook and others which were banned with facebook. I hate my Government more than myself >_<

  • A Glorious Dawn

    You are the most bigoted person i have ever seen. Its attitudes like yours that prompts misunderstanding and hatred. Do you like the fact that americans are in iraq and Afghanistan, that if you try and get on a plain and look remotely middle eastern of muslim like that you ill be selected for a random search?what about the fact how Israelis are rounding up Palestinians, invading their homes and putting them in concentration camps? This is happening because sixteen people with minds like yours flew a plane into the world trade centre. You may think that they are heros, but every single death of an iraqi, Afghani or someone picked up and sent to american torture chambers is their fault and the fault or people who think and act like them. If countries like egypt a iran and Lebanon din not hate Israel do you think that the "coward jews" would be destroying Lebanon and Palestine right now? I hope you see the error of your thoughts, or at least tell an Israeli commando that you think he is a "coward jew".

  • xexe

    its very sorry to see that west talks about freedom and respect to others when they themselves hurt the feelings/ faith of humans. I think such websites should be allowed to operate only if they have a firm policy/ guidelines regarding such hate literature/ postings.

  • moderate approch

    the prophet Pbuh never ordered anyone and himself did not fight against anyone who was agaisnt him he prayed for him and torlerated. there is no need to ban fb or any other site. true muslims would should avoid that content rather than spreading it ALL over the world !

  • ?????

    guys think.. wth will happen if we make some cartoon pictures of their prophet or whatever they believe in. then you shud luk ate the angry expressions and then we cn tell them how it feels like.

  • M. Shahzad Iqbal

    Yaaaaaaaarrr. I am satisfied by the measurements taken by the Govt. of Pakistan against facebook and youtube but not much satisfied. Govt. should ban these sites forever. And also shut down the of embassies these countries. We don't need any body to make progress. WE ARE MUSLIMS and ALLAH is with US.

    • Glorious Dawn Awaits

      I find it quite ironic that you say "ALLAH is with US" , US being a common Acronym for United States.

  • noman

    excellent work done by Pakistan to ban these websites.

  • Fassy

    Dear All
    I read different perspective and views of different persons. But to tell you the fact that do you think that these blemish acts are done by individuals or groups in isolation. No Sir they are sponsored by their Masters who have their strong influence in the govt of those countries who act as launching pad for such blasphemy activities. Do you remember the cartoons issue in some danish news paper. Did they listen to any of the protests either raised by Islamic Govts or individual groups. Rather they re-published them in many other news papers to launch their so called freedom of speech. (In actual it was to make more mockery of 1 billion Muslims in the world). But once different Islamic countries started banning danish products in their countries, the danish govt which was protecting this shameful act started condemning it.
    Now coming over to the current issue, Do you know that every single click on social websites makes money for them. So this again is the time to give them a jolt by banning all such websites who promote the blasphemy as they are more concerned about money other than anything else.
    For all those people who believe in freedom of speech, why do not they put a cartoon contest of Holocaust (Jews killed by Hitler in WWII). Do you know that only not believing in Holocaust in many European countries is a punishable act like sentence to several years in jail. Do you still believe that they will listen to you respectfully by giving them counter arguments. They will not stop until you show them what stern action you can take for your rights.
    Remember they all are the same and belong to one group who had been killing Muslims in Kashmir, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc.
    And we can not live without that bloody facebook. Ah
    (What Face I will show to ALMIGHTY on Day of Judgement)

    • Glorious Dawn Awaits

      The reason Holocaust Denial is a crime is because saying such an act did not happen is a huge slap in the face to all jews. Saying that is akin to denying jews the right to humanity. PS During WW2 Hitler's main strategy at the beginning of the war was to push through africa and asia minor to capture the oil in the middle east. If he had made it, their were plans put in place by the Nazis and Mussolini to eradicate all the arabs with the jews for reasons of racial purity. It is possible that had he succeeded in capturing the oil, then he holocaust would have included the murdering of millions of arabs, which could have led to a closer bond between the two religious groups of islam and Judaism. We might have avoid some of the conflicts of today. Keep in mind that when you say the holocaust did not happen you are saying that the possible murder of millions of arabs is ok. In addition, the reason many governments are against middle eastern governments is because they are at war with countries which have a policy of attacking innocent civilians for what they think and who them live. I personally support the Danish cartoonist because he was trying to make a statement opposing extremism, not like the idiots who created the facebook page for generating hatred. As wall referring to ALL western and european countries and populations as one group who hate muslims is just as wrong as saying all muslims must die. you sir are an intolerant and bigoted person. By the way, there are far fewer than 1 billion muslims in the world, and a majority of them in the western and european world are rational and the are may who support the usa war on terror.

  • Kamran

    i totally agree with all the muslim who protest against the unethical and rediculous act of facebook. the whole muslim community must stand hand in hand to protest and should leave the facebook.
    on one hand muslims are treated as extremest then what about this act …… should they be one.
    reducilous and shameable act..
    i dont know may be some people dont agree with my comments but they should think it upon just think……

  • What the hell is "COMMUNICATION" .. !! Nothing is important than our religion .. to HELL with FACEBOOK if they are disrespecting our religion ! Anusha They can make fun of our prophet and all you can do is SIT QUITE ? Only coz its a good source of communication ? Huh ! Atleast not ME

  • fatima

    i think that we can't simply blame the creator of the page, the people in facebook are obviously in favor of the page otherwise it would have been deleted sinceso many people reported the page countless times. it is them we should really be mad at. because haters have always been out there, the reason this has grown into a hype is because facebook gave them the platform for the hate group and in turn, a mass racist rally.

  • i totaly agree with zaara how can muslims even think of using facebook again what communication you talking abt anusha ? nothing is important then our religion

  • Zaara


    it has not more become a soource of communication… it has become a source to insult and hurt others… so it must be banned… agree with waqar

    we have more communication channels available.. no need of this type of communication channel which promote discrimination.

    • Glorious Dawn Awaits

      i use facebook i have lots of friend and no one bullies me or tries to hurt me through it. i find it a very useful tool for talking with my friends. Why should facebook be banned for me? Just because you feel hurt by it? Why should you be able to dictate what i get to do? Your comment show you are ignorant and self centred. There are abilities on facebook to bloke people who you dont want to communicate with. Facebook is not the problem intolerance is. You wont feel better if you leave facebook because of intolerance. Many people around the world want to help the middle east and impoverished nations but every time they try they are attacked by extremists. STOP BITTING THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU!!

  • fatima

    its gud dat it is banned….why da non-muslims don't get it that its wrong to protest against any when the facebook will face a great loss so it will remove that group itself

    • Glorious Dawn Awaits

      Firstly facebook is a major corporation and will not care about a few people leaving, secondly, the group should be removed not because people leave, although it is a valid form of political point making, but because it is offensive. I also do hope that you believe that it is wrong for muslims to persecute others over their chose of life style and religion.

  • So, tell me waqar why should face book be banned..? in all muslim country why i din’t understand “What is muhammad day”

  • Raja Farid

    For the sake of respect of our beloved Prophet Muhammd (PBUH) we can leave these facilities. This is not a big deal to leave facebook. We can sacrifies our lives in love of our Prophet.

  • geeta

    the facebook shud banned even in every genuine country as the people create the pages for the selfisheness , to disregard others. and then make members as their gang and then fight. and who are gunuinly using hte facebook, they harm them too. so i think facebook should be banned in india too……….

    i really hate facebook

  • duaa

    it is very sad to see where the world is heading. There are people out there who clearly aim to offend and those who are easily offended. What is very transparent though is that world is not very tolerant and is also very ignorant about religions. I am a Muslim and although the page re: our beloved Prophet upset me, i am not going to pick a fight as a result. I have 2 messages – to the creators of the page and the initial cartoons – your ownly objective is to incite and offend and you are among the scum of this earth. The world will be a better place without people like you. To the Muslims who are preparing war as a result – stop playing straight into these idiots hands. They want you to act in this manner to portray our religion as one of violence and hatred. Instead focus your energies on educating the non-Islamic world as they clearly do not understand our religion.

    • Glorious Dawn Awaits

      im not a muslim but i still think that the creation of this group was wrong, because like you say their only intention is to offend. The danish cartoonist however was trying to make a political statement and should not have been attacked. His goal was to show the foolishness of extremism, not to offend muslims. To anyone who gets worked up for war over things like this, you are basically getting ready to kill people to over stick figures that some ignorant person calls muhammad. from what i understand of islam the law not to draw muhammad was created to avoid the worship of false idols. it was a law created by humans, not passed to the followers of islam through muhammad from god. i dont mean to offend you duaa, but you referring to muhammad as "our beloved prophet" is close to breaking the intention of the original law than some retards drawing stick figures.

  • anusha

    i know that this is nit right thing against islam but why is facebook banned completely in was a source of communication>>>!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jamal

      Nothing in the world is more important than ISLAM. ISLAM does not depend on FaceBook.

  • Waqar

    Facebook should be banned for ever. Not only in pakistan but also in all Muslim countries. When thy know that the Muslims will not like such kind of activity then why they did it? I think it is their mission to Hurt Muslims. We want peace and you people are putting us to war.

    • geeta

      u r absolutly right waqar……


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