Call of Duty: Black Ops – Weapons Wish List (PS3, Xbox 360)

By Alan Ng - May 20, 2010

Now that Treyarch has released the first reveal trailer for the game, we can now start looking forward towards that November 9th release date. A lot of discussions have begun on what weapons will be featured in the game, since the game will take place in a variety of different eras.

That is actually great news for gamers, as it means that we’ll probably get a mix of our favorite weapons that we saw in World at War and Modern Warfare 2 respectively.

What weapons would you like to see in Black Ops though? I hope the Thompson and Gewehr 43 make a return, while the FAMAS and M16A4 rifles are personal favorites of mine from Modern Warfare 2.

Thanks to the trailer, we already know that Black Ops will feature a series of new weapons, some of which include an explosive crossbow, as well as a brand new rocket launcher.

Do you have a list of what weapons you want to see in Black Ops? Share your best ones with us below.

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  • jared

    i wish they make the mp40 and the body flopper and the tomson of world at war all the guns off their and modern warfare 2 then i would love black ops i wish the game injaners would do that pleas do that

  • Assassinator

    I would like a G3A3 and an AWP sniper….I want the Intervention and the No Recoil Snipe on MW2….You Need TAR…You need to copy most stuffs in Bad Company 2 lots of people are saying BC2 is Better than COD BO….so you need more ideas from Bad Company 2 like you can use tanks and stuffs…This is BC2

  • Ben

    – Model 1887
    – UMP45
    – Desert Eagle
    – Vector

  • tards

    any of you wishing for guns from mw2 are retarded. we know your too fat to think straight but seriously. and the cod black cops guns sound like freakin airsoft guns. they sound weak, unlike the guns in mw2

  • mynameis

    the next call of duty u shuld make should be called call of duty: future combat and make weapons dat could be in the future like in the year 2100 make it up i think it would be very good

  • tristan

    i think the sniper rifle is good for far rainge

  • high powered bolt action rifle not a sniper, although bolt action snipers are awesome

  • Yoey

    I like it so far except for the fact that they took away trench gun , flame thrower but PACK A PUNCH ROCKS

  • Eddie Pancaro

    I want to see Predator Drones.

  • Eddie Pancaro

    I would like to see Predator Drones like in moder warfare 2.

  • roflcopter

    just because the main game takes place in the nam era dosnt mean zombies will

    c4 charges wud b nice id love to jsut sit in a corner and wait for the zombies to come and blow them to bits

  • jacko

    u guys are fucking retarded why the hell would or could the gehwer 42 or any of the other weapons form waw make it onto black ops?! This is based on modern times not ww2! IDIOTS!

    • Blood demon1113

      No need for that

  • Nick

    In Modern Warfare 5 I would like to have no nubtubes just normal guns and C4, Claymores and throwing knifes

    • Blood demon1113

      We havnt even reached mw3 yet. and black ops haz no noobtube. just underneath shotgun and flame thrower

  • xxS4RT0R1xx

    i would like to see the intervention, scar.H, ump 45 (defidently) barett, a tomahawk, balistic knife, id like attack dogs to come back, M9, tactical knife, no riot shields please and the TAR ……. by the way there are flame throwers (:

    • Dexter307

      The only thing out of those being in the game is tomahawk, balistic knife, all those other guns are modern guns, and their only having about 2 of the weapons from mw2 (the fal and anotherone)

    • Blood demon1113

      No, the goal of Black ops it to make balanced guns. Everything on that list is overpowered(the berretta M92fs its ok tho) =)