Yahoo! Agree To Purchase Associated Content For Reported $100M

By Jamie Pert - May 19, 2010

Reports are coming in that Yahoo! have agreed to purchase online crowd-sourced content machine Associated Content for a rumored $100 million.

Associated Content, one of the largest article, photo, audio and video based content portal on the Internet currently has over 16 million monthly users and Yahoo! say that they hope to bring the content which is collected by some 380,000 contributors to their 600 million plus users, as well as thousands of advertisers.

Yahoo! also mention that they want to expand the Associated Content label, which is focused more in the US, to the rest of the world, adding more contributors and consumers to the project.

Once one of the most powerful media and search portals, it seems as though Yahoo! are trying to regain what they have lost in the past, and with a new slideshow feature bringing them back up in the running, plus the Associated Content acquisition, it seems like they will do just that.

Source: eWeek

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