World of Warcraft: Remote Auction House Beta, App Goes Live For iPhone

By Jamie Pert - May 19, 2010

If you are the type of player who enjoys wheeling and dealing on your WoW auction house, selling gems, epic BOE’s, general materials, pets, and flasks but do not always have full time access to check if you are still the winning bidder, or your epic item has sold. Then look no further.

Behold the World of Warcraft Remote Auction House. A system that has now been put in place for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and also a web version.

The beta version which is now live, has all the features available to use – including the premium features which are free to use until the beta test is over.

A subscription will then be required to access these features for $2.99 per 30 days. You can find out more information about the service on the F.A.Q. Provided by Blizzard here.

Will you subscribe to this service?

Source: WoW

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