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Verizon LG Ally Review and Photos: LG Taking Android Seriously

If you have been a fan of LG handsets for some time you probably admit that their OS seriously restricts their functionality, however the LG Ally attempts to change this by offering Android 2.1.

Recently the Android Community have reviewed the handset, and it must be said despite being no match for HTC’s latest Android handsets, it is at least a step in the right direction.

Their review takes a deep look at the Ally’s body, software, performance hardware, camera and battery, most of their review is pretty positive, however they can’t get away from the fact that in the hands it feels like “a piece of industrial equipment”, thanks to it’s heavy and ugly design.

In terms of the handset’s display and keyboard-sliding mechanics the Android Community had no complaints, however they were less than happy with the mediocre keyboard. In the end their review states that the handset is like a better version of the Motorola Devour, which is no huge compliment, check out their full review by clicking on the source link below (their review features plenty of photos).

Source: AndroidCommunity



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