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Verizon iPhone 4G: Release Date to bring VoRA features?

You might want to take this with a pretty big pinch of salt, but we have some new details to share with you now, which suggests that the upcoming Verizon iPhone launch will come with VoRA support.

That is according to this BGR report, who have apparently been tipped off from one of their sources within Verizon. VoRA if you didn’t know stands for Voice Over Rev.A and will allow for simultaneous voice and data features – pretty exciting huh?

If the details are legit though, it means that a possible LTE-ready iPhone on Verizon could be a reality, as BGR’s sources state that VoRA will act as a ‘precursor’ to VoLTE.

Some pretty brief details for you there, but definitely worth sharing with you. Let us know your thoughts on this. Any of you familiar with VoRA?

We’ll update you when we get more details on this matter.



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