Square Enix Impressive Fiscal Results: Thanks to Final Fantasy XIII and Arkham Asylum

Square Enix have recently revealed their latest fiscal year results, and by the looks of thing the company have plenty of reason to celebrate as revenue is up by 42% (when compared to last year).

These latest figures are for the year ending March 31st 2010, their 42% rise in revenue equates to $2.07 billion, they also boasted a boost in profit by 50% ($102.7 million).

It seems as if these impressive results are thanks to three well-selling games, these were the latest addition in the Final Fantasy game series (Final Fantasy XIII), Dragon Quest IX and Batman Arkham Asylum.

Many believed that Square Enix’s mobile games for handsets such as the iPhone would have also been a big reason for an impressive year, however all was not great as revenue in this market dropped by 7 percent. For full details regarding Square Enix’s fiscal year check out the link below.

Source: JoyStiq



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