Pakistan Court Bans Facebook

A court in Pakistan has today banned the use of Facebook in the country after the social networking website posted a page called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” which is to be held on Thursday.

Facebook has already received numerous criticisms from several Muslims thus far, and as drawings of the Prophet Muhammed are considered as an act of blasphemy by Muslims, Karachi protesters have taken to the streets to rise against the use of the website. Pakistan’s Law Minister Babar Awan was quoted saying that the issue would be “raised on all international forums.”

The first time such an issue was raised was in 2008, when a car bomb exploded in a parking lot of the Danish embassy. This was due to an incident in 2006 where caricatures were printed in a Danish newspaper by Lars Vilks. “Jihad Jane,” a Facebook member uses Facebook as a resource to announce acts of violence against such blasphemy, such as the sketch competition.

It is thought that the so called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” could have huge repercussions, and will attract all sorts of criticism not only from Pakistan, but from the entire Islamic world.

Where do you stand on this issue?

Source: ABC News


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  • anti-muslim

    Muslims need a sense of humor, god does, he created u guys…

  • a muslim

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  • propaganda

    They have made such a big issue out of nothing, if Pakistanis and Muslims wouldn't have given much importance to this shit of a page there wouldn't have these issue's and damn that Denmark idiot who caused all this shit to happen


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