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New Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer Video – Are You Impressed?

Earlier today we showed you the recently released full length trailer video for Call of Duty: Black Ops, despite being impressed I was a little disappointed that nothing ‘blew me away’ in the trailer.

The trailer did reveal a crossbow, which is a weapon never seen in a CoD game (to my knowledge), however didn’t really show anything else that will make the game unique. Perhaps Treyarch are saving some juicy details for E3 2010, which is just under one month away.

The graphics shown in the trailer are not particularly impressive either, however I am sure that when the code is finalized Treyarch’s end product will be just as impressive (visually) as previous CoD games, if not better.

The full length trailer video has been embedded at the end of this post, check it out yourself and let us know your thoughts. Do you think it looks better than Modern Warfare 2? Or are you a little disappointed?


  • nate

    the graphics look like they suck


    I hate how every video game commercial/preview these days is chock-full of "pre-rendered cutscenes", with maybe one or two, half-second bits of actual gameplay…if any. Why cant they just show me the game? Its like Hollywood movies that show all those action packed scenes in the trailer, then come to find out, those were the ONLY action packed scenes in the entire movie. Pure hype. I would much rather see actual gameplay, i.e. first person shooting; not ALL the most stunning action cutscenes from the game: which essentially is a spoiler in disguise, and cheating us into thinking the actual gameplay is that epic. When, in fact, that's just the cutscenes we have no control over in game.

  • LIAM

    I think if treyarch finalize graphics even through atm they look outstanding, It will be good. Ithink the main thing is just to wait till E3 to see any gameplay of some new features. I'd like to see some gameplay of the bit where the pilot is getting shot to smitherines and when you jump off a cliff. At E3 like MW2 they prob will show one mission gameplay, maybe zombies. (Loved zombies in WaW) One idea from me for zombies(actually 2) 1, They make maps which are more open world so it feels more lilke a outbreak, you choose pistols at beginning, Maps are around 5 times bigger than shi no numa. Feature 4-8 player matches. 2. They have a competition before it is released about the story of nazi zombies and the best story that is nearly what they intended it to be get to play a beta of zombies or get map packs for free or go to wherever treyarch is and play pre-release. Thanks PR news for giving me the oppurtunity to submit my thoughts. But your right in the trailer nothing blows me away.

  • beastlyrose

    i think they should make a zombies game because alot of people were looking forward to it

  • kish08

    we need a clip of zombies and create a class 2.0 in multiplayer and zombies

  • Nope, feels a bit like COD is starting to get too focused on stuff that won't help the franchise. Though I'm optimistic we'll see some good stuff coming soon.


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