Microsoft KIN Two: Hidden Surprises after Teardown

By Alan Ng - May 19, 2010

If you are planning to pick up the recently released Microsoft KIN two phone, you might want to check out this useful teardown analysis courtesy of those clever folks at iFixit.

As reported from BGR, iFixit performed the teardown with the help of ChipWorks. After the internal casing was exposed, some interesting yet surprising results followed.

The exploration of the KIN Two bodyparts revealed the NVIDIA Tegra APX2600 chipset crammed in amongst the Sony 8 megapixel IMX046 image sensor. Other discoveries found the Qualcomm QSC8065 processor and a Texas Instruments WL1271A, which handles WiFi, Bluetooth and the FM radio on the Kin Two.

If this is your sort of thing, head over to ChipWorks here for the full report. Any of you planning to get the Kin Two?

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  • Dev

    The Tegra processor that is inside the Microsoft Kin is a very old model, about 2 years old. There are other phone platforms that have newer, better, processors than Microsoft Kin, without costing much more. Also, the missing features in Microsoft Kin make it not very appealing (you can Google yourself to find out details of missing features).