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Mass Effect 2: Overlord DLC Screenshots and Info – Xbox 360 & PC

Recently we revealed the release information and pricing for upcoming DLC for Mass Effect 2, this downloadable content is called Overlord and should arrive sometime in June for both Xbox 360 and PC, it will set you back a mere $7 (560 Microsoft / BioWare points).

We still have no full details regarding the DLC’s release date, however we do have some screenshots, which should at least help excite Mass Effect 2 gamers out there.

There are three new screens in total, all of which can be seen by checking out HolyFragger’s article (link at the end of this post), we have also embedded our favorite of the three screens below.

Apparently in this DLC Shephard is sent to investigate the Cerberus research base, there is just one survivor thanks to the Geth, this survivor talks about a virtual intelligence dubbed “VI overlord”, your job will be to infiltrate the fortress and shut it down.

This DLC will be split across five action packed levels, Xbox 360 owners will have to new achievements to aim for as well, for more info check out the link below.

Source: HolyFragger



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