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iPod Touch With 2MP Camera Found In Vietnam: Photos & Video Proof

Vietnam has become synonymous with the word iPod or iPhone over the past few weeks, and this time is no different as an iPod Touch hosting a 2 megapixel camera has been found running diagnostic software rather than the iPhone OS.

The word comes from Vietnamese website Tinhte, who provided photos and video for us to take a glance at. The media shows the iPod Touch with a camera centered on the back, reminiscent of the iPod Touch model which many expected Apple to announce last September.

Markings are available on the device, but these do not prove whether or not this is something new from Apple, or if it is a 2009 prototype. The serial number is quite identical to the version that could have seen a release back in September though.

Do you believe this is a new prototype, or one from September 2009? Check out the photos and video below to see for yourselves.

Source: Apple Insider via Tinhte



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