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iPhone 4G: Tethering Support enabled in OS 4.0 Beta 4?

Some exciting news to deliver to you now, as the latest beta for the iPhone OS 4.0 has revealed that AT&T tethering will be an upcoming feature for the iPhone 4G handset – expected sometime in June.

As reported from BGR, a screenshot from the beta has been obtained, which clearly shows in black and white that tethering on AT&T is a solid feature of the new iPhone OS.

As you can see from the screenshot, AT&T asks you to either call them or visit their support website to set up tethering on the device.

The news comes just three weeks after AT&T claimed that tethering would be enabled once the carrier improved their network performance.

Stay tuned for further news on tethering as we get it. The new Beta 4 has only been available for a few hours. Give us your opinions on this.

You’re delighted, right?



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