HTC Droid Incredible: Touchscreen problems on Verizon?

By Alan Ng - May 19, 2010

We are not sure how widespread this problem has become yet, but it seems a great deal of you are suffering from touchscreen problems on the recently released HTC Droid Incredible handset on Verizon.

As reported from Phandroid, users have been complaining that their touchscreen remains unresponsive in some cases, with a cause relating to possible bad grounding of the device. To put this in more simpler terms for you – it seems as if there is a specific grounding problem connected to the the capacitive aspect of the touchscreen.

A video provided by Phandroid shows the exact problem one user has when attempting to use his Droid Incredible whilst mounted on a car dock. To provide further proof on the touchscreen problems, there is a second video which compares touchscreen responsiveness on the Incredible and other handsets which don’t have the problem.

Can you relate to these problems in any way? Let us know how bad the issue is for you. We’ll update you when we get more details on this.

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  • SEP

    My screen issues started after the 2.2 OTA…. I will press the the power button and the screen will come on to the home screen then it will jump either left or right to one of the other screens and sometimes select whatever app is chooses… i thought it was a software issue.. I rooted & installed the CM7 MOD… it worked fine for maybe a day… I believe it is the optical joystick button. every time i mash it and rub my thumb it over while mashing it, it seems to clear up the problem for a little while until the screen times out again…

  • Bill

    My HTC Incredible is eight months old. I'm experiencing increasing response failure in the touch screen. The failure occurs in small (<10 mm.) sectors of the touch screen and is permanent once it happens. I observed one small failure six months after purchase. Last week it became much worse.
    Failures now make it very difficult but possible to use the "draw pattern to unlock" unlocking system for the phone which is a pain.
    Also some screen keyboards are unusable because some letters or numbers fall onto the "dead zone".
    Going back to Verizon tomorrow..

  • Kyle

    My touch screen on the incredible is unresponsive daily. I'm not able to send text messages or make phone calls. It horrible!

  • zach

    I have had my droid incredible for over a month and a half and i cant download new apps off of the market, it says error and kicks me off, is there anything i can do besides delete old apps off and get myself in a jam because now i'm stuck with only five of my own extra apps? they say to erase all of my info and start from scratch but i have valueble info that i cant loose, is there any way to fix? please help me!!!!

  • ray

    I bought 2 droids 4 months ago. 1 for my daughter and 1 for me. My screen locks and contacts dissappear and reappear. Frustrating. I brought it to the Verizon store (3x's now) and they are terrible at customer service. I explained my problems and they want me tohrd reset, hold it a certain way, take the battery out, etc. I explain that my daughter's phone works fine and I think my just has a defect but they don't want to own up to it. In addition, my battery life lasts about 3 hours and my daugher's last all day. What's upwht this? I have to keep chargers all over and I bought a cheap disposable phone for emergencies when I travel. The Droid Incredible has problems and Verizon service sucks,

  • Riot

    Just got an Incredible.
    Made calls, tried to cancel the call or hang up, damned phone would not respond to my touch, so i always end up talking to wrong number dials before the guy on the end can hang up, only way for me to disconnect.
    I even demonstrated it a dumbass at a verizon store on FM 1960/249 in houston, and he kept giving me this bull schit about the phone was ok, pissed me off.
    He finally gave another INC which has worked very well for 4 days, and all of a sudden, i cannot answer my calls because the damned screen could not unlock.
    My LG env3 did that crap and subsequently got returned. I just need to clean the screen on the Inc to see if it will respond better. keep you posted.
    I never jump into new tech till the bugs are worked out.
    Other apps on the inc work well. love the Cam, Recorder, Flash light, and lots of stuff. some media txt i sent cannot be deleted, and i am gonna get busted by my girl. talk about suicide by Incredible.

  • Jenni

    For those people who don't get it…. I have the stupid phone not the smart phone….
    I have a protective case on it , so I guess my other hand does not make good contact with the phone and I am unable to answer calls when the phone is in locked mode screen off…. I have a business and my calls are transferred sometimes to my cell…. This phone sucks when I can not answer it…. Plus when the darn thing does let me answer it , I have to wait at least 10 seconds to say hello to the caller because the phone does not relay my voice … There is a delay… and so I called the verizon 611 and they recalibrated my phone to see if that would help … no it did it again all day … then I took it to verizon store,,, guess what they told me… I have to turn my phone off and let it reboot ,, because it is a computer and needs to restart…. bull sh,, … They just don't want to admit the phone sucks…. I don't like having a phone I feel I have been ripped off buy purchasing it…. Tell me the truth or say nothing… don;t lie to me… or give me crap as an answer…

  • kerscay

    I have problems with the top quarter of my screen not working, mostly while texting…it is fine when I switch to landscape view…any thoughts?

  • Sherri

    We have just received our 4th (yes, 4th) replacement Incredible. Should have been 5 but they "wiped" the phone to "fix" the problems. The screen locks up, contacts get randomly erased, resends text messages, reception problems, dialing problems, phone locks up or turns off. You name it, we've had it. The only thing Verizon will do is to send out another "certified, like-new" phone after promising to send a brand new one because, according to them, no one else seems to be having problems with it. I guess they don't want to goggle this topic to prove themselved wrong. We've thoroughly had it with both HTC Incredible and Verizon. Now stuck in contract for another 1 1/2 years. This is totally ridiculous.

  • Tina

    Discoverer that I can not swipe the length of the screen to answer an incoming call. If I start in the middle and swipe downwards I have no problem.

  • Duane

    I got my Incredible on Friday and by Saturday I was having touch screen problems. I thought it might be me as I have large fingers but my wife tried it and had some difficulty as well. I can't always answer calls as the screen will not swipe to answer. Can't always put in numbers, such as dialing a call or voice mailbox as the screen does not respond to my taps to enter the number. It is now Thursday of the next week and the phone is going back today. Chances are they won't have a replacement for me so I'll have to go back to my old phone. Will think twice about getting a new one.

  • RomaxIII

    I am waiting for my third phone (second replacement). I loved the phone but multiple problems and they won't replace with new phone. If this third is no good I am not sure what I am going to do. The first got frozen on the splash screen. The second would not charge and then was impossible to turn on (tried two methods of turning it on). We'll see.

  • Debbie

    My droid wont work just on the bottom left hand part of the screen which effects the number 0 so I cant make calls if not programmed in already. I have moved texts screen but the keybord the N wont pick up still in the same area on the keyboard. It uset to work fine.

  • Colby

    Everyone, Please Read This . . . The HTC Incredible is designed with the latest AMOLED display with Capacitive Touch Screen. The way the Capacitive Touch Screen works when your index finger touches the screen is by disturbing the electrostatic field on the screen itself. This also requires your other short fingers to touch the side case of the HTC Incredible to complete the capacitive field, to work effectively. The Capacitive Touch Screen is many ways better than the old pressure type touch screens. The Capacitive Touch Screen responds to very well to light touch, as well as hard touch. There is nothing wrong with the touch screens. It is not a defect. You need to complete the capacitive field by touching you short fingers to the side case while your index finger touches the screen. Remember . . . You need to complete the capacitive field with your short fingers. I hope this clarifies the Capacitive Touch Screen problems. There really is no problem with the touch screen.

    • Jamie

      This is absolutely right. I just discovered this "problem" when my car holder arrived in the mail. Quick search on Google and I found this page (thanks!). Experimenting with touching the back top right with my back finders while manipulating the touch screen with my index finger works every time. It's different than what I expected, but I'm sure I'll get used to doing that in the car. Otherwise, I think this is one of the smartest smartphones out there. I love this phone.

    • Siren

      Bravo! At last, some logical answers to my Droid Nightmare on Steroids! I have been experiencing the same issues as above Droid Victims, not in the Incredible, rather on my Motorola Droid I bought January 2010, for over $450. It was non-responsive, would not work, or allow me to slide the green bar to answer and I had to remove the battery to end calls, then reboot. Most frustrating of all was 3 of the the Droids would not work when I paired on my Infinity with the blue tooth in my car, ha Bose Audio theater on wheels~ the signal strength was great but callers said it sounded like I was underwater, garbled, unable to make out what I was saying. ALL of the original Droids Phantom Dialed.,.. every single one and it defies logic. I finally talked with a Verizon Supervisor last night who said she loves her Droid Incredible and I am going to pay another $100 for a brand new Incredible. Am I happy about it? Hardly. Rather apprehensive as my Droid experience has been beyond disgusting. Verizon is not at all that helpful. I hope & pray the Incredible will work on my car's Bose speakers, so I can talk on blue tooth, won't phantom dial, and is responsive to answering, and ending calls.

      Cell Phone Pirates, please solve these ridiculous problems. For what I pay a month for my plan, I am getting nothing but frustration, and more out of pocket expenses as I invest in another phone and of course, will undoubtedly require a new charging dock, car charger & car mount for the windshield as I doubt the Droid and the Incredible are compatible.


  • Pam

    I have had the Incredible about 3 weeks, today I could not answer 2 out of the 3 incoming calls, the screen simply would not respond and I was holding it in both hands with a "death grip" on one hand and trying to answer the call with the other. Headed to the Verizon store tomorrow to see what can be done.

    • gerard

      Hi Pam,

      I have the exact same problem. I went to Verizon store and they never heard of this problem. They performed a hard reset on my phone, wiping out my apps and corrupting my contacts. It did not fix anything.

      I still am missing calls like crazy because the screen does not respond when trying to answer an incoming call. The touch screen responds normally all other times.

      If you get it fixed, please post details.


  • Keys

    I've only had the Incredible for a month and a half but I am currently on my second replacement device. The screen sensor is horrible, whether I hold it in my hand or place it on a flat surface. I am starting to think it has a mind of its own. & VZW's customer serivce dept really sucks…sadly (dare I say) I am thinking to switch to AT&T

  • Himeki

    I just got the Incredible today, and I've read up upon it and i've seen somewhere that it doesn't activate when its on the dock.

    SOLUTION!! to that is…
    use two fingers, make sure they are apart from each other. Like say for example, use your index and middle finger.
    It isn't because the sensor isn't reading, but using one finger in comparison to you thumb is probably too narrow.

    I'm just suggesting that this worked for me.

  • Mary

    My incredible also does not work in the car mount unless I have it plugged into the charge then it works fine. I went to verizon with this issue but they don't seem to accept it. They played with the phone and was able to have it work while on a hard surface. I apparently was not hitting the buttons right but I still can't use it in the car mount without having to charge it. I am hoping that HTC addresses this issue and comes up with a solution.

  • Brad

    Its a simply electrical issue,,nothing wrong with the phone, nothing wrong with the dock. in order for the phone to work it has to be "grounded" every time you touch the actually phone you solve the problem you are having and it works incredibly. imagine that 🙂 you need to look at how a touch screen phone works,,it picks up electrical changes. in order for a change to occur electrons have to move* places, from finger to ground.

  • Beckie

    I am using my Incredible while it sits on the cherry, table chairs next to the recliner, but I am surprised as it wouldn't work on other wooden surfaces. While it will work on my lap in the car, I am bothered that I may have problems once my car holder arrives as I need it for safer use in the car. I also notice a screen problem. On occasion, just after turning it on and as my finger approaches, the screen disappears. It reappears as my finger backs away. When I reapproach, it disappears and so on. After a few "dances" as such, it then finally accepts my approaching finger. Any news on this problem?

  • lorne

    Cant use mine on my bed or dresser. Returning ASAP. Pissed that I've been thinking its bad apps or whatever since day one.

  • Jeannie

    Come on – really?? When do you ever really just use one finger while using a phone?

    Why would you use your other hand to touch the phone while driving? This is such small issue… You can simply avoid all these problem by placing your thumb (your right hand thumb) on the phone while touching the screen. Or cradle it. Whatever with the same, right hand, you are touching the screen with.

    Lets face it – this isn't an issue and the phone ROCKS!

  • Alex

    who's ever gonna use the incredible while it sits on styrofoam though?

  • Guest

    There is a proximity sensor in the phone, I'm guessing that if the phone is being touched by your other hand, then the sensor knows that a person is holding it and wants to use the phone. Whereas if it is sitting on a table or in the car holster, the phone will not respond because the sensor does not sense a person holding the phone so whatever is going on, on the touch screen, must be unintended. Just my two cents though.

    • Guest2

      Have the same issue. I thought the fact that I had to press extra hard resolved this, but I realize that, when pressing hard, I was holding with my other hand. "Guest" may have a point. Strange quirk, still a great phone.

    • Victoria

      Yes, I agree with this person. I have a feeling that the phone was intentionally designed that way so that there would be no butt, purse, or backpack calls. Great way to avoid blackmail!

      • Siren

        Ha ha! Great answer, thanks so~