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HP Confirm That Palm webOS will be on Slates / Tablets and Web-Connected Printers

When HP recently acquired Palm it was understood that their main interest was the webOS platform, however experts weren’t sure whether HP would use this OS to establish themselves in the smartphone market, or perhaps use the OS on future portable computers and tablets.

A recent tweet from the ‘HP Official News’ twitter feed has clarified some of HP’s plans for webOS, this tweet stated that webOS would move beyond smartphones, and should appear in slates and web-connected printers.

This does not really clarify whether HP have any plans to enter the smartphone market, however it does seem to suggest that a future HP Slate / Tablet will look to run webOS, this should significantly reduce the need for high end performance hardware, which should help HP deliver a more efficient tablet than a Windows-based HP Slate.

As we hear more information regarding HP’s plans for webOS we will keep you up-to-date, in the mean time check out the HP Official News Twitter feed, along with the source article below.

Source: SlashGear



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