Hewlett Packard ( HP ): Revenue and Earnings Up Thanks to PC and Server Sales

HP have recently reported some pretty promising second quarter results, apparently this is due to strong growth in sales of desktop PCs, notebooks and x86 servers.

When compared to last year’s figures HP have seen a 27 percent raise in desktop PC sales, a 17 percent raise in notebook sales, and a massive 54 percent raise in industry standard servers.

All of these improved figures have raised HP’s shares, last year they stood at between $4.37 to $4.44 per share, however now they are at between $4.45 and $4.50 per share.

Not all sides of HP’s wide range of products/services have grown, apparently their sales of it’s Business Critical Systems have declined, however they did report a 31 percent growth in their Enterprise Storage and Servers group.

The last few months have been pretty hectic for HP, recently they purchased Palm, apparently they are hoping to bring Palm webOS to future tablets and web-connected printers, and may perhaps dabble in the smartphone market.

To find out more detailed information regarding their second quarter results check out the source article link below.

Source: BloombergBusinessWeek



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