Google Wave: Download Now Available To All – Video Preview

By Jamie Pert - May 19, 2010

Google’s I/O 2010 event officially starts today, and they are wasting no time with Google Wave. Previously, the application was an invite-only beta, but Google has revealed that is it now readily available for download by anyone who wants to sign-up.

Google have also enabled integration of Wave to work with other enterprise Google Apps accounts. But users who want more access to the Wave source code will have to wait a little longer.

Wave has been available for beta testers for a while now, and has come along way with added email notifications of conversation updates, making it easier to track unread messages and remove accidentally added participants. An extensions gallery has also been added.

You can sign up for Google Wave here.

Have you used Google Wave? Are you going to try it out if not? What are your views?

Source: SlashGear

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