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Dante’s Inferno 2: Soon To Be Developed for Xbox 360 and PS3? – Rumor

Fans of Dante’s Inferno are probably wondering if there will ever be a sequel, whilst we cannot yet officially confirm the sequel, we do have some strong evidence which suggest Dante’s Inferno 2 may be on it’s way.

A recent article posted on JoyStiq which originated from Superannuation suggests that EA’s Visceral Games studio put a job listing on Gamasutra, this ad asked for “an experienced Environment Artist for an existing action/adventure franchise”.

Most speculation pointed towards Dead Space 2, however upon further investigation the ad mentioned that the game being developed is a sequel to a major new IP, which could surely only mean a Dante’s Inferno sequel?

There are other hints which suggest that this game is in fact Dante’s Inferno 2, check out all of the information by checking out the source links below.

Do you think that these clues point towards Dante’s Inferno 2?

Source: JoyStiq and Superannutation



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