Call of Duty Black Ops: World Premiere – Zombie Mode?

By Alan Ng - May 19, 2010

Now that we have had the world’s first reveal trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops title – we can’t help but feel that one main addition was missing from the trailer – the possible mention of zombie mode.

It is no secret that Nazi Zombies in CoD: World at War was the best thing in the game, as if offered gamers a completely different experience from the usual single and multiplayer modes.

As we watched the trailer and in turn the new characters and weapons, there was no mention of a return for zombies. Has Treyarch decided that a zombie mode does not ‘fit’ into the Black Ops title, or are they saving a reveal for E3 in June.

Hopefully it is the latter, as I have to say that I was a big fan of the zombie mode in WaW. A future CoD title from Treyarch without zombie mode just doesn’t feel right now.

Maybe the team are planning a standalone release for their zombie add-on, separate from the Black Ops disc, or it could come as future DLC content. Now that would be something to look forward to.

Give us your thoughts on this. Were you disappointed in no zombies during the trailer, or are you more concerned about the core single and multiplayer elements of the game?

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  • Grahamfenn

    how class is it

  • Devastater619

    Had a ray gun and a thunder gun and still died!!!!!!!


  • James

    Zombies is confirmed, the only thing I'm concerned about is if it will come out as DLC at a later date or not because I never pre-ordered the Hardened or Prestige addition.

  • treyhill

    i can't belive there not bringing zombies back in COD black ops. hope they do im back, i was a big fan of the zombies in WAW

  • ehas

    there is a zombie mode in Black Ops , this i know because i have played it ..

  • kane


  • kane

    there are zombies on the new game look on the call of duty website

  • i hate zombies



    The only purpose for buying Black ops are BEING a azn in the game and Nazi zombies…if they do have zombies…

  • BIGD

    With or without zombies this still will be one of the best call of duties ever made because Treyarch has put so much into this game that has never been put into any other call of duty

  • BIgD

    With or without zombies this still will be one of the best call of duties ever made because Treyarch has put so much into this game that has never been put into any other call of duty, i still would love to have zombies in it but its still gonna be a great game even if it doesn't have it………

  • dawson

    i have the game already they have zoimbies its better than waw

  • psychospank

    if you have a pc you don't need zombie mode, just go buy killing floor for 20 dollars, of course you can't if you only have the consoles. Killing floor is like zombie mode except with a ton of different levels and ten times more fun.

  • treyarch

    i work a treyarch and am a lead manager of a small team working on the campaign and multiplayer of black ops and you guys are gonna love what you see mw2 was good this might be better but gotta admit the wii version sorta sucks all in all a awesome game oh and ill take any perk suggestions for multiplayer

  • Shell

    who ever wants to play some WAW ZOMBIE MODE add me ( shell_J )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • psn: kareltjuuuh

    call it vietnambies! call it terroristhunter call it zombies banzai call it whatever but i want to kill hordes of zombies coming in my way, and in my hand the best weapon where i can spray with and im soooooo happy ;D

  • ethan

    the game just wont be the same without zombies. i have been playing zombies the days it came out and i have to tell you IT ROCKS!!!!! the solo sucks the multiplayer gets boring and without zombies i wouldnt of thrown the game in a meat grinder a long time ago!!!!

  • xX_LMK_Xx

    has to have zombies… thats all i can say!

  • Zombies???????

    ok so u guys are saying no one wll buy the game without zombies.haha u mkae me laugh i dnt remember zombies in mw2 but hat sold how many copies ohh yea over 10 million(last i checked) but zobies is the best prt of WAW if u dnt put zombies in the game u sell 10 million maybe with zombies u sell 100 million

  • Stormsky

    I'll only buy it if it has zombies, otherwise forget it, multiplayer first operson shooters is old hat, seen it, played it, done it, yawn. Its the same old boring repetitive stuff.

    What Treyarch should have done is built zombies into the black ops single player storyline, with missions to stop dirty gook charlie VC experimenting with the old Nazi technolgy

  • disgruntled employee

    Im not buying the game if there no zombies mode flat out cause the gameplay sucks

  • Liam

    i heard that they Where about to Release new DLC For Cod WaW But Thenn Mw2 Came out So They Ran out of time In My opinion ithink that the zombies will be the DLC They Where Going To Release . Add meOn Xbox GT >>>> SupaaMaaN x

  • MRassassin917

    if they put zombies in i hope it will be 4 player split screen and it would be a bonus if they made the maps bigger and tougher so more players can play at once online

  • arcanitezombie

    they HAVE to bring it out cos if they dont i dont see the point in bringing out black ops. it would be gr8 if they either brought out black ops without but it came with a bounes game nazi zombies, a full length game like survive 10 rounds and save the children from being attaked and bounes mod ' BE A ZOMBIE' how cool would that be.

  • Jody Branham

    to those of you who say they won't buy the game if it doesn't have zombies…. grow up. you whining spoiled children and your desperate pleads for zombies. Its a game about the cold war. Nazi zombies fit the bill because every sci fi ww2 movie talks about the ss secret projects or whatever. Treyarch capitilized on it. Now they could say the russians were redoing the project, but whatever. You people who "won't buy the game" are just as bad as the left 4 dead 2 boycott. it would be nice with zombies but isn't a requirement. By the way I bet you can't even pronounce Verruckt or der riese. Hint the V makes a F sound and the E at the end of riese stretches out and sounds like 3 different letters combined. And you don't even know what Verruckt and der riese stand for. Another hint Verruckt translation rymes with lazy ( like you whiners) and der riese doesn't mean factory. Think Jack and ___ _______ beanstalk. Fill in the blank you'll get the translation.

  • Jody Branham

    I love zombies as much as the next guy, but have you thought about how many people won't buy it if it has zombies. Say 100,000 people played zombies online. How many people are offline gamers. They wouldn't care about zombies. They would play left 4 dead or something. There are more then 100,000 offline gamers. some would still buy it, but most would do it for the campaign. Now how many people think it's distastful. Running around with idiots that believe in one golden hiding place and can't be talked out of it as they let your happy face get chewed off. I personnally think that the zombie mode was okay, but still flawed. I still play it, but if treyarch wants to have zombies they will and if they don't they won't. If there is no zombies they probably have some other feature.

  • Poptart

    The game really needs to have zombies it wouldn't be the same without it, I'm a huge fan of the zombies mode in WaW and my friends and I just always have a great time playing it

  • activisions mum

    they better not put the zombie mode separate so you have to buy the zombie mode i'll slap them

  • i think zombies might be a good idea new weapons to kill them with its gonna be fun it will be good if you could drive vehicles and make the maps really big so theres enough room for people to play online theres could be three squads that spawn in different places and they could decide where to go to hold out you could also build your own barricades and introduce tougher harder to kill zombies and zombie dogs for a challenge i think that if all that is in the game it will be the best game of maybe the decade

  • Austin

    If they don’t put zombies I’ll have a 50% chance not gonna buy it, mainly cuz when I played Nazi zombies offline I got addicted & then wen I made it to lvl 50 on xbox live I was addicted even more. Mw2 was fun for bout 3 hours and then I. Became the same routine over and over, and infinity ward sucks. Trayarch FTW!





  • Jon

    Call of duty World at war 2!! What a money maker that would be, after all the black ops game comes out and after they know people have experienced every part of it, they should carry on exactly where it left of from WaW. The first zombie map could be Dempsey and the rest of them getting out and just getting surrounded or some shit ? Who knows lol, Anything but if they create a 'WaW 2' They would APPSOLUTLEY rake the money in, standard !!


    yeah i agree with zombie killer i mean yeah its a new game different kind of story mode that some of us dont even know what its about… but yeah zombies would be great for the game… matter of fact it would be awesome… see i have a ps3 and everyday i get on there is like a lot of people play cause zombies are awesome… im a great friend of zombie mode its good for the game but if it was in black ops… it would be better, different maps, different guns, different things to encounter… but some people say that zombies are gone for good cause if you read the description on der riese it states this is where it all began and where its gonna end so therefor it would be better if they would make it like the enemies on the story mode in zombie form…

  • The Heretic

    im not even buying the game if theres no zombie mode and i know of atleast 12 other people who are doing the same, zombies what the only reason i played WaW and is the only reason i continue to do so. Treyarch cant make somthing as good as zombies and leave it out of there new game, this game, black ops has to have zombie mode, if not i have no faith left in humanity

  • grsed

    they better get rid of the glitches

  • Jimy

    If they made a game add on for zombies they are going to make some amount of money

  • Jimy

    But why would they just drop Zombies if people found it so enjoyable?????? It would be very stupid if they did not put it in the game.

  • Jellglob

    The Only reason I got WaW was because of Zombies. I thought that the game would be boring because honestly…I was getting tired of WWII games. But sense the zombie mode was in it, I had to buy it…and I love it! That's all i play! There had better be zombies!

  • J0hnC

    People who think Treyarch are copying infinity ward are wrong. Hw did waw copy cod4? they use the same engine. oh, and this game will fail without zombies. and if waw zombies was a last minuite addition then this zombies could be epic!

  • that trailer was for the campain only, and the reveal wouldnt show bonus mode. According to Wiki COD when wiki asked treyarch about if there will be zombies, they replied we are not allowed to talk about out their coop hinting that there is zombies. I think they should put all of the zombie story in there and finish put in area 51, or w/e activision didn’t let them put up for dlc last time.

  • nazi zombies PLEASE

    i played WaW for awhile then it got boring but then i noticed nazi zombies now ive been playing ever since so if they dont have it in black ops im not interested

  • edward

    i would really like a zombie mode or a terrorist mode in cod black ops they should have a island starter mode for zombies with all the weapons and terrorist mode should have mafia yakuzza or special ops mode with army rangers navy seals and stuff like that

  • That Awesome Dude

    Actually, if they did a standalone game, that would mean an awesome storyline, awesome weapons, more monkeys, even tastier waffles, and hopefully some even cooler stuff than before. But nothing beats waffles and monkeys.

  • Jamse

    yeah mw2 basically destroyed my life when it had no zombies. They said they didn't want to copy anything as treyarch does, but really? treyarch clearly doesn't copy if they made zombies. My guess is if we don't find out by july than they probably won't directly tell anyone, you'll just have to wait till you beat the game

  • Tom Brading

    I was hugely disappointed that MW2 didn't follow the genius of Treyarch's Zombie mode and being a massive fan myself I would love to see a more refurbished mode of zombies, better gore, more weapons old returns of the pack-a-punch and also ray gun and wunderwaffe =] .

  • matthew

    Instead of asking yourself IF Black Ops will have zombies, try asking why the HELL they wouldn't. Nazi Zombies was the 1 thing that kept 1000s of players playing WaW, myself included. How could they resist putting zombies in Black Ops? It would make the game sell at least 5 times as more!
    but instead of just 2 player co op hop put 4 player offline… when u did waw u put 2 add 2 more an new map an guns

  • BiG TeX769

    First off all the bagging on MW2 is not really needed you have to rember that the game was nothing like its kind and will have flaws in its first run through so just like that orignal nintendo it has flaws but is still fun infeaty ward will fix that in there next game. Second off there will be zombies treyarch will put zombies in the game because, they have monitored the game play and see that zombies was the man play in the game and if you look i dont have a ps3 but the 360 still has multipule people playing zombies. The idea of not having it in there is crazy becazuse the sucess it will bring aside the online multiplayer.

  • Dalton

    They need Zombies! I only liked cod 5 cause of zombies! They need to make a good story line for it. I hope someone from tryarch reads every ones posts!

  • nathan

    in my opninion they have to realse it, if they dont why did they say it will take 7 years in the making(or something like that on a transmition on der reise.) so 7 years of cod = cod 7, also why would they have left the end trailer on der reise? unless there planning something where demsy and nikolie die? come on i doubt it ffs RELEASE COD ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashik

    i really hope they have zombie mode on the new black ops. BRING BACK ZOMBIESSSSS!!! 😀

  • Rhys

    They might be bringing back zombies just not nazi zombies, as it wont fit in with the cold war.

  • CoDsombies

    If they dont put in Zombies, for christmas im getting Cod5 For the WW2 And Zombies Stuff

    and MW2 For The Rest….
    cmon Treyarch, put in zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • socal assassin

    fuck that i aint buying it without zombies none of my many xbox friends want it without zombies no one will buy it im telling u

  • dion

    you guys are all gay. prob a pile of will magills

  • xGuardianx-

    the trailer looks like a Infinity Ward trailer. Most of the guns look like MW2 guns. Chopper pilot? Hmm wonder where they got that idea. The trailer did not look orginal at all! So they need Nazi Zombies only originally thing they've come up with.


  • that guy—->

    oh and hardcore zombie mode, headshots only >:)

  • nam r3pus

    no zombies no game gamer tag nam r3pus

  • they shud have zombies best part of the game

  • numy

    they shud have zombie mode

  • jason

    see zombies would be the best idea for this game because in waw nazi zombies was mostly the reason people played. and the trailer showed that its 2 different times now and in the veitnam

  • makikaki

    I'll buy it anyways, but there must be a way to fit the zombies in there! either continue the storyline or make a new one based on the myths of vietnam or something.

  • DNA

    MW2 sucks for everything. The SinglePlayer was good but short. Mulitplayer blows. HACKERS every game. The PC verison sucks dicks. Laggy every game. DC everytime. 15 DOLLARS for DLC bs. I already gave you 60 bucks for a game a 1st grader could make with chalk. Guns are imbalanced.

  • peedi

    they will corner yje gaming market if they put more zombie modes in black ops if they dont and the game does not sell as well as the rest they could always just put more levels on WaW and would still make there money if theres no zombies im not buying simple as that wana play zombies on ps3 abdul-aka-peedi only send text if you have reached 32 or higher

  • Keith

    If the creators of Black Ops are reading this I really hope they understand that some of us just will not buy this game if they don't have a zombie mode. Most fans of MOD bought WAW because they thought that it would be a new MOD, they were wrong and many went back to MOD. Now they are on the lookout for the same thing to happen so I understand that Treyarch has to put them on top and work really hard on the multiplayer because they are most of the fan base, but the reason why the some people actually played WAW was because of Zombies. All I can say is a Black Ops without a zombie mode would be very disappointing.

  • Mumdiddy

    Zombies is a definent must. I loved zombies in WaW and i think if they had zombies in this game with a mix of both ww2 and modern weapons, that would be awesome. to be completely honest if treyarch released a zombies only game with like 10 maps spanning the ww2->modern day eras, i would totally pay 60 bucks for it. i literally spent more hours playing zombies than i did regular multiplayer in WaW

    • freddy757

      same here man the only good thing WaW had was zombies. I bought all dlc just for the zombie maps. COD Zombies would be the best game ever.

  • cane

    well hopefully they dont hold out on us ive been waitin for it sence MW2 i miss the zombies an want them back an i know i miss with a team of 35 players an we all love zombies so they should bring it back an keep it jus the way it was just with more interesting bopards an maybe bigger 1s with more perks guns an ofcourse the pack a punch machine so come on treyarch dont dissappoint us

    • Razzaman2008

      year i im with you mate because on cod5 zombies its well cool because i like the new der riese map ilove it its so cool i just couldn't sell it ever because it is better than cod4 and mordern warfare2 cod4 sukes

    • kane


  • I am really hoping that they develop the zombie mode even further, perhaps have it so its more of a story mode than survival, clues and puzzles needing to be solved, different paths that people can take, depending on there strategy, and maybe even bosses. Because I think I speak for all of us when no matter how hard we try in getting to higher levels, there will also be glitchers who spoil the leader boards.

    Anyway For the multiplayer mode, I've thought of a few good perks in which I think would be really cool;

    Hijack Perk (Steal / hijack enemy or standing vehicles)
    Anti-Killcam perk (so if u kill som1 it will not show a killcam)
    Perhaps where we could customise our gameplay even futher, such as buying armor or upgrading weapons(but i suppose this is weapon attachments)

    I really hope they make it so we can fly, because atm the old and the new are more or less the same,
    We need something new.

  • james

    Instead of asking yourself IF Black Ops will have zombies, try asking why the HELL they wouldn't. Nazi Zombies was the 1 thing that kept 1000s of players playing WaW, myself included. How could they resist putting zombies in Black Ops? It would make the game sell at least 3 times as well!

    Honestly, there's not a DOUBT IN MY MIND that Treyarch will put zombies in Black Ops. It would be almost bad buisness if they didn't. WE WANT MORE ZOMBIES!!!!

    • Yeah and you know what would make it sell 7 times over?

      If they allowed 8 player co-op, even if its for private matches only, it would be awesome. Who knows maybe they will do an Alien mode instead?
      I tell you what If they dont put it in, wouldnt you agree that they should allow us to create custom maps for xbox 360 / ps3 ?
      Its a shame they dropped cod waw, they obviously dont appreciate what fans they have left 🙁

  • craig

    The New Cod has got zombiess justt been released

  • j dog

    Fuck ya want new zombie content and maps.

  • Dean0s

    must have zombies – its like a drug. always feel you could do a level higher if u planned ur game better or the box kicked out the weapon u need etc

  • sam


    my x box live gamer tag is xthe crow 82x

  • sam

    it needs zombies or somthing else that makes the game fun or its going to be a fail like modern warfar 2

  • sam

    yes they nead zoies or the game will get boring just like other gamesjust i they need it to make the game exsiting if they dont have it it will get be crap just like modern warfar 2

  • scott stuard

    well all i know is with out a zombie mode i dont think iam going to buy it i hatted mw2 it got old fast why spend the money on a game thats going to get old fast not just me but a lot of people feel the same way

  • jonny5656

    guyz remember in WAW they never told about zombie mode and we just saw it after finishing the game we open the zombie mode i think they just wanna make a kind of suprise.

  • Garf

    it says at the end of the trailer about bringing someone back alive, so maybe that has something to do with zombies? :/

  • Ryan


    • owen

      ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • Ian

    My favourite part of cod waw was the zombie levels,As much as i've liked the cod games, without the zombie levels I don't think I'll bother with this,its the deciding factor ,with zombies = Buy it . No zombies = forget it

  • Simeon Poker

    I don't play Solo and I don't play Multiplayer.
    Only Zombie Mode

    This is the only reason I bought the game period.

  • Robert Benton

    I work for a subsidiary company connected to treyarch and I'll tell you first hand you have nothing to worry about. The fans / players… everyone will be more than satisfied with what comes out.

    • drew

      ummmm i wanna be surprised with it just tell me this atleast whats up with area 51 runor just curious was treyarch workin on it then quit idk i just wanna know so can u tell me and y did pc get more zombie maps what the fuck is up with that

  • zach

    if they dont put zombies in this game im not gna buy it…….maybye rent it

  • FalcoVet101

    Zombies in CoD: As if CoD itself wasn't a drug enough.

    • Umbrella_Corps

      That is legendary

  • kannakang

    BETTER HAVE ZOMBIES!! When i got my PS3 MW2 was already out so i bought that instead of WaW… But when i went to my buddy house they where playing the zombie mode, I was like what game is this it hella bad ass!! They told me it was the older COD. i went out and bought the game just for the zombie mode!! that how awesome ZOMBIE MODE is!! i also think zombie mode helps your reaction time in the real game, training your movement also at higher sensitivity!! good training for 360 head shots and those crazy kills you see people doing! zombies zombies zombies PUT THEM IN THE GAME!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    I was dissapointed not seeing some zombies in the trailer, like you say it just wouldn't be right without them. i dont see why they wouldn't put them in tho with the success they got with WAW. Treyarch we NEED to see some zombies!!!

  • Hank

    Obviouslly, zombies is required to be put into the game. It is probable that it will be confirmed during june, as of E3. If they took out zombies, much of the WaW Fans probably wouldn't buy the game. I've heard that they had originally created another zombies map on WaW but were unable to release it due to the fact that MW2 was out.. So, since they are under similar titles, but seperate companies, they were unable to release the DLC. Perhaps, this same map will be involved in Black OPs?

    What do you guys think..?

  • Adam

    I was hoping to see some images of a zombie mode in the reveal trailer.I was also not expecting it bcuz the main reveal trailers trying to capture the MW2 crowd. At least 1/3 to 1/2 of MW2 crowd has played Nazi Zombies& loved it.Treyarch is trying to capture all MW2 owners with main focus of the game, Cold War era & the secret Ops. 2 things to remind you all of:1. In Der Riese remember one of the radio transmissions telling of the other source of 115 at the nevada base. That is so leaving the story line open and ready for more. They wouldnt just tease people like that& not continued the story.
    2. The head of Treyarch, Mark Lamia was interviewed&when asked about Zombie mode he said this:"We really like the Zombie Mode, and as I mentioned I can’t talk about the co-op mode other than to say one of the reasons we love it so much is that it feels like it was a fan adopted mode, made out of passion of a lot of the team members here. Well all I can tell you is we listen to the fanbase. Those are our consumers, so…"
    I would say he is almost giving it away without saying it. have hope guys!

    • apparently they adding zombies with the special edition and apparently they releasing a new trailer….it could be a zombie trailer add me on facebook if u agree

  • GoSt x Bonzai

    I hope they do zombies, i still play WaW everyday from zombies
    add me on xbox and well play zombies GoSt x Bonzai

  • ZombieMad2010

    They have got to do it there is a story line left open that needs an end i agree that zombies was the best mode to hit the cod genere hours of fun just want more ive the fans wat they want i say not even for the new black opps just bring out a new zombie map for WaW i dont care how i get give me more!!

  • Zombiekiller28

    The Game HAS to have zombies…thats whats seperates WaW from a game like mw2 which is a good game, but still hasn't achieved a level of interaction equal to a Zombie Horde Mode…………It would be a HUGE marketing mistake for them to consider not referbishing the zombie mode in a more modern setting an maybe expand a little with all the potential a mode like Nazi Zombies creates

    • raymond


    • Tom

      you just read my mind… treyarch would lose a crapload of cash if they didnt add zombies