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BlackBerry Bold 9700: OS Officially Released by T-Mobile USA

A while back we reported that OS had leaked for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, we can now report that T-Mobile USA have officially launched the OS update.

As with all BlackBerry OS updates, details are scarce, however we have heard that this OS is the ‘snappiest yet’, but other users are reporting that not a lot else has changed.

Despite this being an official release installing the update is a risk, therefore I would strongly recommend backing up all important data beforehand, once complete head over to this page to download the OS.

Personally I have no issues with the OS currently running on my BlackBerry Bold 9700, therefore I will probably skip this update and wait for something more significant, for further details check out the link below.

Have you installed the update? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: IntoMobile


  • Ameer

    I had major problems with my Bold 9700. If using the phone outside, never had 3G issues. Never a dropped call while outside. Now, while in my condo, totally different story. While talking via UMA, I would constantly drop to 3G, then EDGE, or to an even lower network. This would cause the phone to white out, or just reboot. My Curve 8900 never did this. Another problem with the 9700 was that my trackpad was not even close to having the precision the track ball had. Yes, the trackball sometimes would lag or freeze, but during gameplay, especially Brickbreaker on my BB, the trackball won every time. Now running the new O.S. I notice a significant difference in the trackpad while playing games. Still not as precise as the trackball, but I am sure with practice, I will get there. My UMA is constant during calls, after an adjustment on my wireless router from B/G to strictly G band. Before the router adjustment, my UMA was worse than before the upgrade. The UMA would be running before a call and while surfing the internet. As soon as I would start a conversation on the phone, the UMA dropped to 3G and then lower. No phantom reboots or whiteouts, but reception still was terrible. Also I did have a couple dropped calls with the new O.S. Again, with the router adjustment, its like having a brand new cell phone.
    Overall, I am very happy with the upgrade. I can finally talk, so far, in my 25th floor condo on UMA without network flipping that occured before.

  • ITS-MEE :)



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