Visa Launch iPhone NFC Service: Will You Use?

By Jamie Pert - May 18, 2010

Smartphones these days can do a lot of tasks, but one thing that has caught our attention is an iPhone case that will enable shoppers to do wireless payments, using the actual iPhone instead of a Visa card.

But how does it work? According to DeviceFidelity who build the case, it will use a microSD card which holds all the NFC circuitry requirements allowing you to make your payment and purchase.

One question though, why have DeviceFidelity only developed this for the iPhone when almost every single smartphone in the world has microSD capabilities?

Even so, there are plenty of other questions that can be raised about the technology. NFC can be put on to virtually any smartphone in production today, but will it work?

That aside, you can view a demonstration video here that is uploaded to YouTube. Do you think the technology will take off? Will you be using it?

Source: IntoMobile via Mobile Crunch

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