Toy Dart Gun Recall: Two Deaths and No Answers

It has been confirmed that the U.S Government has recalled around 1.8 million toy dart gun sets, after two boys both suffered asphyxiation deaths as a result of the materials used to create the dart guns.

As reported from StarTribune, the two boys, aged 9 and 10 respectively died after they chewed on the soft plastic darts, which then fell into their throats and in turn, cut off their breathing supply.

The toy dart gun sets are available at Family Dollar Stores nationwide and were imported by Henry Gordy International. However, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC ), Henry Gordy refused to recall the dart and was not available for comment on the deaths. A published number connected to Henry Gordy International has since been disconnected.

Family Dollar are now recalling the products with the help of an agency. The agency has told parents who own the ‘Auto Fire’ dart set to take it away from their children immediately. Customers will be issued with a refund for the product.

What are your thoughts on this particular recall? Does the blame rest with the parents or Henry Gordy International?



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