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Third Party Applications Battle For Facebook Privacy

During the past few weeks, we have covered different techniques to make your Facebook account more secure from third party applications, and unwanted security intrusions that seem to have appeared without your consent. But now it seems that a couple of new third-party applications have been developed to make it easier for you to reset all your privacy settings.

A program called SaveFace which is developed by a firewall and spam filter company named Untangle, intends to completely re-secure your Facebook account by setting as many profile elements to the “friends only” setting.

Another independent developer has also created, which scans your Facebook account and informs you of profile settings that could potentially cause you harm (how you define harmful is down to you). It can also reset you profile settings to the “Facebook of 2005,” as quoted by Untangle CEO Bob Walters when he was asked why the application was developed.

So what will Facebook do now? The social networking website already banned an application that “unfriended” people, but we think that this sort of application could actually be helpful to the Facebook community.

Our other articles which include a how to go on deleting your Facebook, tip and guidelines on passwords, extra options explained, and how to change your privacy settings manually can be accessed by clicking the links provided.

Have you used any of these applications? What are your thoughts?

Source: CNET


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