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Shazam Tags It’s 1 Billionth Song

Shazam is one of the ever growing must-need applications right now. Especially if you are not very good with song and artist names. If you are unsure as to what Shazam does, it is an application that runs on most major smartphones and allows you to find out a name of an unknown song.

For instance, if you were to hear a song on the radio, and just for the life of you cannot remember who sung it, or what the song was called. Even after asking all your office buddies, who still have no clue who it is, you can always ask Shazam.

You record a small snippet and Shazam does the rest. 90 percent of the time It will return to you with the correct song name, and artist.

Shazam did infact announce today that they had processed 1 billion song requests, and have over 75million users. They also hope and predict that this will rise to 100 million by the end of the year.

Source: IntoMobile via Tech Crunch Europe



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