Red Dead Redemption: Metacritic Reviews – Xbox 360 vs PS3

By Jamie Pert - May 18, 2010

Now that the official launch of Read Dead Redemption has taken place in America reviews are flooding in, and it must be said that all of the reputable reviews have scored the game very highly.

Out of the 20 or so PS3 reviews, 7 of the reviews gave the game a perfect score of 100 out of 100, reviews worth checking out include 1UP and NZ Gamer, if you would like to check out all of the PS3 reviews (include user reviews) check out this link.

The reviews for the Xbox 360 version are pretty much identical, again the best reviews (in my opinion) are the 1UP review and the GamePro review, if you check out this link you can see all of the reviews along with some user reviews.

At the moment Metacritic have scored the Xbox 360 version of Red Dead Redemption 95 out of 100 and the PS3 version 94 out of 100, this is very impressive and doesn’t necessarily mean that Xbox 360 version is better as Metacritic collect scores from many different sources and then average the scores out.

Have you played Red Dead Redemption on both consoles? If so, was there any difference between the two versions?

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  • marhorn

    The 360 version has slightly better graphics! people can argue about tones and the like but when i can see an enemy further away in the 360 version (and in more detail) I know which is better. Anway I loaded this game up for like 30 mins then went straight back to the Halo Reach Beta!

  • Mark

    I have never seen so much bloody advertising on a site in my entire life…

  • Jade

    I never liked Metacritc reviews. There always string something up between the 360 and PS3. I really like 1UP review. Its right on.

    • john

      metacritic does not give reviews, just lists and averages the major reviews (player reviews also) and is IMO a great site and resource. 1UP however usually does have great reviews I agree.

  • teeheeguy

    There's no differnce between the versions. I think some of the reviews might be 360 fanboys.

  • ChainedGhost

    "this is very impressive and doesn’t necessarily mean"
    Huh? How is 1 point impressive, and at the same time mean nothing? I'll bet they look almost identical because that's what happens when they use the same source code. Or did you hear a rumor that this developer would be different than all the rest and actually optimize the game for the PS3?