Processed Meat: Heart Disease and Diabetes Risks

Following on from our article which informed you about the benefits of eating probiotic cheese, we now have a report for you to read which highlights the dangers of eating processed meats.

As reported from MSNBC, a new study by the Harvard School of Public Health has concluded that eating processed meats such as Hot Dogs, Bacon and Sausages can increase the likelihood of developing heart disease and diabetes.

Eating unprocessed meat is thought to be fine, but the study believes that salt and chemical preservatives found within processed meat is the real cause for concern.

You’ll be pleased to know that people who eat one serving of processed meats per week or less, will be less likely to develop heart disease or diabetes.

What are your thoughts on the new study? Are you now planning to cut down on such food items, or will you carry on as normal until more conclusive evidence is found?


  • LEmon


  • GoneWithTheWind

    Diabetes is a genetic disease. You don't "catch" it from eating sugar or processed meat. However the most interesting thing this article said was that meat is fine, doesn't cause heart attacks. It is the salt and preservatives. Hmmmmmm!! Kind of a departure from past beliefs.


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