Japan Space Yacht: Ikaros Kite is the Future

Some exciting news for space exploration fanatics now, as it has been reported that Japan is launching its first Venus probe and it will be accompanied by Ikaros – a high tech kite-shaped space yacht.

As reported from Gizmodo, scientists are getting pretty excited about the impending launch, as the Ikaros technology is thought to be key when developing future products with sunlight as the only source of fuel.

Ikaros, or the Interplanetary Kite-craft Accelerated by Radiation of the Sun as it is also known, will launch into space in a cylinder form. Once in space, it will then extend it’s sail and consist of 14 metres (46 feet) on each side and 20 metres diagonally.

The launch is scheduled later this week at Tanegashima Island in Japan. We’ll update you when we know more details. Are you excited about the Ikaros space craft or not?




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