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HTC Wildfire: Virgin Mobile UK Release Info

Yesterday we revealed a new handset from HTC, the HTC Wildfire, despite this handset being released to replace the low-end HTC Tattoo it boasted some half-decent specs, which I believe may make the Wildfire a success.

Release information regarding this handset has been scarce so far, however a recent article posted on IntoMobile suggests that the UK carrier Virgin Mobile may offer the handset, apparently if this is true it will be available during Q3 2010.

At the moment we cannot confirm this release period, nor can we confirm details regarding pricing, so far rumors suggest a retail price of between €250 and €300, however as part of a contact with Virgin Mobile the handset will probably be free.

If you want to find out more about our the HTC Wildfire check out a brief hands-on review here, this article includes a gallery of photos. Also if you are interested in performance take a look at the handset’s processor speed and RAM here.

Source: IntoMobile



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