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Guitar Hero 6: Queen, Black Sabbath and Metallica As Playable Musicians

It seems as thought Activision are still recovering from the multiple lawsuits filed against them, but it will not stop them from releasing the next version of their acclaimed Guitar Hero series.

Reports have begun coming in from the Official Xbox Magazine in the UK with new details about Guitar Hero 6 (not including the spin offs) that suggest Kiss’ Gene Simmons will be emceeing in the game, alongside Queen, Black Sabbath and Metallica’s Lars Ulrich.

Don’t get ahead of yourself though, as rather than having music in the game, they will be playable or recruitable characters that will help guide you through Quest Mode.

Legendary New York City club CBGB (& OMFUG) will be the games only real-world location, and we are told that the previous downloadable content will still be playable in GH6.

Will you be purchasing Guitar Hero 6, or have you found a new favorite with Rock Band?

Source: JoyStiq


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